Rhymes-nursery rhymes for babies

Стишки-потешки для грудничковWhen, finally, came the long-awaited moment of the appearance of the baby born, the mother didn’t think that he a little that understands, and educational activities for them to carry out even sooner. As last is fine rhymes-nursery rhymes for babies, as proven for centuries technique development of intellectual and creative abilities of the baby. Learn why they were used by our ancestors in communicating with very young children.

Types of nursery rhymes for babies

Unlike books that you will read to the child later, these little poems play in its development a special role. Melodic poetry-nursery rhymes for babies allow:

  • to soothe and amuse your baby when he is upset or scared;
  • to start discovering the folklore of his native country and passively extend his vocabulary;
  • to establish contact between parents and baby, contributing to the lasting emotional connection;
  • develop fine motor skills, to activate the speech centres of the brain of the baby.

But the important thing is that nursery rhymes can be used for charging with your baby when washing, dressing, feeding and other necessary household actions that he does not love. It will help with diapers to accustom the baby to the routine and hygiene.

When the child woke up, he sing the following nursery rhyme:

Together with the sun up,

Along with the birds singing.

Good morning!

With a clear day!

That’s how nice we sing!


Here woke up,


From side to side




Where igrushechki,


You, toy, pograme,

Our baby pick it up!


Dili — Dili-Dili-Dili —

Bells rang.

Dili-Dili-Dili-Dili —

The bells woke

All the beetles, spiders

Cheerful and moths.

Tinker day! Tinker day!

Start a new day!


The bells woke

All rabbits and hedgehoglets,

All the lazy bears.

And the Sparrow woke up,

And the jackdaw startled.

Tinker day! Tinker day!

Sleeping through the day.


The gray cat sat

On pechurichko

And quietly began to sing

The song docrock:

That woke up the Cockerel,

Got chicken,

Get up my PAL,

Arise, my LocoRoco!


Morning came.

The sun has come up.

Come on, son.

Wake up friends!

Get Up, Bolshak!

Get Up, Pointer!

Get Up The Middle!

Get Up, Orphan!

And Baby-Matroska!

Hello, Palm!


During washing the baby will not cry if you will kindly speak these rhymes, showing the relevant parts of the body:

Ah, Lada, Lada, Lada,

We are not afraid of water!

Clean water

Wash our face,

Wash hands,

Will wet us a little bit,

Ah, Lada, Lada, Lada,

We are not afraid of water!

Clean wash,

Mom smile!


Oh, all right,

We are not afraid of water,

Clean wash,

Baby smiling.


Ah, okay, okay, okay

We are not afraid of water,

Clean wash,

Mom smile.

Know, know, yeah-yeah-yeah,

Where are you hiding, water!

Come on out, Vodice,

We came to wash!

Lacey on the palm


Lacey, Lacey, Lacey

In the AGR-LEU —

Katya, wash fun!


Ah, the water’s good!

How is the water!

That beaming face!


Glug, glug, glug,

The crucians.

We wash in the basin.

Next frogs,

Fish and ducklings.


Water is flowing,

Child rastochie,

Water off a duck’s back —

With child is the thinness.

Water down,

As a child upwards.


Water flowing fluid,

Under mount bath is heated

The cat is clean, in a hurry.

There are 12 kittens

All I want to wash in!


Vodicka, vodicka,

Wash my face,

To glazonki shone,

To blushed cheeks,

To laugh rotok,

So bite the clove!

What I hate virtually all infants is charging. But it will be much more fun and easier with the following nursery rhymes which the mother sings:

(Tap fists child together)

Views, views,

View view,

Knockers pound,




Soon Vanya godok,

Grow up with Dubok,

Get ceiling,

Grow taller —

Get to the roof,

Here’s a grow,

To see all we could!


(Make-child «bike» and read potisku)

Why are you running, feet?

— Why are you running, feet?

— Summer track

With hill on the mound

For berries in the forest.

In green forest

You will gain

Black blueberry,

Scarlet strawberry.



Went to the site,


Doing exercises!

Once or twice,

Three or four.

Hands up!

Legs wider!


(Baby hands bred to the sides and bring, crossing on the breast)

Tatenice fathom,

And the mother — fathom,

And sister — fathom,

And brother — fathom (etc.)

And the most Anysence,


The biggest


Hamster-hamster, hamster,

(inflate cheeks like a hamster)

Polosatenkie flank.

(Pat yourself on the sides)

Hamster gets up early,

(stretch out)

Cheeks washes, rubs his eyes.

(do appropriate actions)

Sweeping hamster hut


(bend over and pretend that’re sweeping)

And goes on charging.


Hamster wants to become strong.

(pokazyvaem how strong wants to be).

Mother with the lines in order

Now make charging.


Great nursery rhymes for babies massage if you need to spend with the child quite a long session:

Len beat, beat,

(knock Cams on the back)

Stoked, stoked,

(RUB hands)

Beat, beat,


Crushed, crushed,

(stretch fingers)

Slashed, slashed,

(shake shoulders)

White tablecloths were woven,

(draw the edges of the palms)

The tables were covered.

(stroking her hands)


(Tap fists child together)

Views, views,

View view,

Knockers pound,



Where hands, fingers?

In the forest caught the rabbit.

Ears on top, Vostok — Malyshok,

Shaking all over, to mommy in a hurry.

Caught, embraced — then ran.


Where are the fingers? Where are the heels?

Went to take a walk, hedgehog found.

The hedgehog stabbed Kolko, told to turn around.


Dasha cremasco Pomaga,

The legs, hands her a Pat.


(Stroking her back)

Bai goes on the wall,

Is bast on the back,

Datecam on izbenok,

Gives Lapangan.


This week

Flew two grouse:

Like – pinched,

Like – ate.


And flew back.

Will arrive at the end of the week

Our cute teterya.

We teterok we will wait –

Give them crumbs to peck.

(Words followed by stroking, pinching and tapping the back.)


(Pokolachivanii on the heels)

Kui, kui, heels!

Give grandma slipper.

Do not submit the slipper —

Not polchem heel.


For infants also specially invented nursery rhymes for walks that will lead resepresentatives toddler in a good mood:

And Lada, Lada, Lada,

Not planted in the gardens.

And my Sasha will go,

He planted and watered,

Top, top, top…


Big feet

Had walked:


Little feet

Ran on the track:



Get up, baby, one more time,

Make one small step.

Top top!

Our boy walks with difficulty,

First time passes the house.

Top top!


There is a cat on the bench,

Is for kitty paws.

Tops-tops on a bench

DACs-DACs for paws.


Katya, Katya petite,

Katya udalenka,

Walk through the path that,

Stomp your, Katia, legs.


Pussy, pussy, pussy, scat!

On the track don’t sit down:

Our baby will go,

Through the pussy will fall.


During the meal, say these rhymes, your baby will eat with obvious pleasure:

AI Tata, Tata, Tata!

Come sieve:

Shorts sift,

Cakes to start.

And for our cuties

Pancakes will start,

Bake the blinok,

Feed son!


Ah, Choo-Choo-Ah, Choo-Choo,

Boil the gruel JK,

Serve milk,

Feed Cossack.


The rolls in the oven,

The fire is hot.

For whom is it provided?

Masha rolls,

Masha hot.


Varis-Varis clover

In blue Cup

Cook quickly

Bulky more fun

Cook, porridge, sweet

From thick milk

Yes of manna crumbs.

The one who eats porridge

Will grow teeth!

To each his own:

The stove — wood,

The cow — hay,

Grass — calf,

Water — the lamb

And you, my son,

Sahara piece.


Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake,

Bake pancakes.

The window will be installed.

To cool make.

A little wait,

Give everyone some pancakes.


While falling asleep you come to the aid of these nursery rhymes, tune in to calm way:

AI, Bai, Bai, Bai,

You’re a dog, no barking!

You cow don’t Moo!

You, rooster, don’t scream!

And our boy will sleep

Will the eyes close.


Ah, Yes, lulenski mylenki,

The mountains are deer.

On the horns he wears slumber,

In every home it enters.

In bassinet slumber he puts,

Quiet song sings:

(repeat potisku)


Lull, lull,

Fish-salmon, priplyli!

Fish-salmon, priplyli,

Alexeika pojicy.

Alexeika older,

With dad at sea go.

Will it be salmon to catch,

Will be the mother to feed it.


Lull, lull,

Came to us grandfather Mamai,

Came to us grandfather Mamai,

Requests: «give me Masha!»

And Masha we do not give,

Will be useful to us.


Lull, sleep, Katya,

My Bunny is a funny person,

Close your eyes sweetie,




In the garden of zainichi.

Bunnies eat the grass,

Small children are told to sleep.



Seagulls flew.

Steel wings to flap,

Our Kate put to sleep.


Bayu, Bayu, Bayu, Bai,

You dog not barking.

Belalp not Skuli

Our daughter does not Wake.

Стишки-потешки для грудничков

Dark the night, can’t sleep,

Our daughter is afraid.



You already drank a lot of tea,

Porridge eaten and had enough,

Have nasalise naboltal

So now I go to sleep,


Here sat down on the gate.

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