Educational books for children 1-2 years

Развивающие книги для детей 1-2 годаMany parents think that very young children not yet capable of perceiving reading books. But this is not true. In order to instill in the child a love of literature, it is necessary to begin to acquaint with her still in diapers. Good educational book for children 1-2 years will help the child:

  • learn to recognize colors and shapes;
  • meet famous fairy tale characters, animals, plants, etc., you have to broaden your horizons;
  • to replenish, yet passive vocabulary;
  • to get a first impression of letters and numbers that is the first impetus to reading.

In order to choose educational books for children from 1 year, please note their following features:

  • The book should be more clear vivid color images than text.
  • Give preference to shorter texts: the child still does not know how long to focus on long stories. For reading, should select a small volume of tales and poems.
  • The perfect children’s educational books from 1 year old must be safe: to be printed on quality paper, not to have unpleasant pungent smell.

Examples of educational books for toddlers 2 years and a bit younger

To discover the perfect world literature books with subject pictures, books-donuts and cutting, often made in the shape of animals, plants, fairy tale characters, etc., collections of nursery rhymes and folk songs, poems of Russian poets, and various encyclopedias. As examples of the best educational books for children 2 years of age we may cite the following:

  • «Russian folk tales», which is a veritable treasure trove of folklore. To «the turnip», «Gingerbread man», «Towers», «Kurochka Ryaba» were brought up not one generation of children. Their small volume and the large and colorful illustrations, perfectly suited for reading bits and pieces that can easily memorize these stories through repeated repetition in the story (Bunny, bear and other animals hunting the Gingerbread man, for example).
  • «Here they are» E. Charushin. This mini-encyclopedia of the most common animals with illustrations, drawn in soft colors.
  • «Palms» N. V. Chub (publishing house «Factor», 2011). The book includes several stories about the cars and animals: kitten, chicken, elephant and others. Also here you will find nursery rhymes, games, simple tasks and finger games.
  • «Moms and kids» E. G. Karganova (publishing house «Labyrinth, 2012). From soft books-donuts toddler learns the names of animals parents and their offspring. In most verses are called the noise or that animal, and pictures are in cute cartoon style.
  • «Big and small» from the series «Play and study», van Genechten (published by Onyx-LIT, 2013). Since the year your child will be able to do considering the image and visually identifying items big & small.

Among other educational books for children 2 years note:

  • «The first textbook baby» (publishing house «Labyrinth»);
  • «Album on speech development for the youngest» Batyaeva S., Savostyanova E. (publishing house «rosmen-Press», 2015);
  • «The adventures of little Bobo. History in pictures for the little ones» M. Osterwalder (publisher «ID Kompasgid», 2015);Развивающие книги для детей 1-2 года
  • «At the curved seashore an oak green» by A. S. Pushkin;
  • «Tuk-tuk! Who’s there?» M. Morgan;
  • «Two cheerful geese» (collected nursery rhymes);
  • «School of seven dwarfs» D. Denisov (publishing house «Mosaic-Synthesis», 2011);
  • «Poems» By K. Chukovsky;
  • «Fruits and vegetables» E. A. Savelyeva (publishing house «Labyrinth», 2006);
  • «My first book about animals» L. Daniel (publisher «Ammediatype», 2015).

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