The degree of purity of the vagina

Степень чистоты влагалищаOften when carrying out survey in the gynecological chair, the doctor prescribes an analysis that determines the degree of purity of the vagina. Under this definition, in gynecology taken to understand the composition of the microflora, which is expressed in terms of concentration of beneficial microorganisms to pathogenic and opportunistic.

What distinguish the purity of a woman’s vagina?

The determination of this parameter, which directly affects the condition of the female reproductive system, is performed using smear to determine the degree of purity of the vagina.

Only in assessing the state of vaginal flora, doctors distinguish 4 degrees.

1 the degree of purity of the vagina is characterized by the presence in the female reproductive organ of sticks of Doderlein lactobacilli. These microorganisms form the basis of a healthy vagina. When the medium is acidic. Any pathogenic microbes, blood cells, particularly leukocytes, are absent.

2 the degree of purity of the female vagina occurs in most women of reproductive age, because the first degree, there is very rarely due to sexual activity, violations of the rules of hygiene and other factors contributing to the emergence of opportunistic flora. For this purity is characterized by the presence of the same sticks of Doderlein, lactobacilli. However, in a single amount of cocci present. Additionally, you may be up to 10 cells and no more than 5 epithelial cells.

3 the degree of purity of the vagina is characterized by the presence in the reproductive system, inflammatory process. In this case, the environment is changed to alkaline, and the number of sticks of Doderlein drastically reduced. Степень чистоты влагалищаThus there is an increase in pathogens such as: Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, fungi, E. coli. The number of cells increases, and in the field of view of the microscope technician can be counted up to 30 such cells. Typically, this degree of purity of the vagina is accompanied by symptoms, like discharge and pruritus.

4 degree is observed in bacterial vaginosis or infectious process. Alkalinity and sticks Doderlein completely absent. In this case, all the flora is represented by pathogenic microorganisms, which leads to an increase in the number of cells — they found over 50. At 3 and 4, the degree of purity of the vagina, the woman needs treatment.

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