Ovulation test Clearblue

Тест на овуляцию ClearblueOvulation test digital Сlearblue, is an electronic device that allows you to pinpoint the period when the female body is the release of Mature egg from the follicle.

As you know, during each menstrual cycle women have only a few days, which can occur conception. To pinpoint them and use the electronic test. Let’s look at it in more detail and will focus on how to properly use a digital ovulation test digital Сlearblue.
How does this test?

The operation of the device is based on the fact, to determine the time at which in the body of girls increases concentration of luteinizing hormone. It was under his action of tearing the outer sheath of the follicle and, as a consequence, the Mature egg into the abdominal cavity.

As a result of the use of electronic test Сlearblue ovulation, the woman will be able to set exactly 2 days in my menstrual cycle during which fertilization is possible. It should be noted that according to the research of this device, its accuracy is 99%.

How to use the test to determine ovulation Сlearblue?

Actually, the use of such devices do not cause any difficulties. The woman who wants to know the time of ovulation, clearly enough to follow the instructions that come with the test for ovulation Сlearblue.

According to her, the actions shall be as follows:

  • Before the test, the woman must understand a parameter such as the length of your menstrual cycle. It is from this factor depends on the start time of the study. So, if the cycle is 21 days or less, the test should begin on the 5th day of the cycle. Further, the start time of the study consider as follows: added 1 day, i.e. if the cycle is 22 days — start with 6, 23 day 7 24 day 8, etc.
  • Conducted this study at any time of the day. But it is necessary to consider the fact that every day it should be the same. Before testing it is advisable not to urinate for 4 hours, and drink plenty of fluids. In connection with these features, most girls hold it in the morning.
  • Before using the test himself, in its case it is necessary to insert the test strip. Thus it is necessary to combine the arrow on the test with the same strip. The display will show «Test done».
  • In order to test, you must put the tip with absorbent sampler in the urine for 5-7 seconds. It is very important not to wet the body of the device.
  • Then just wait 3 minutes. The sampler should be pointing down. You can also put the test on a horizontal surface. At this time, the display will flash the words «Test ready» that shows that it works.
  • After this time, you can assess the result. If the screen of the device, the woman sees an empty circle, then the splash luteinizirutego hormone has not happened yet, i.e., ovulation has not yet occurred. It is necessary to conduct the test again the next day at the same time. To use a new test strip.

Тест на овуляцию ClearblueIf the display after the test, the woman sees a smiley it means that the concentration of hormone in the body is elevated, indicating the release of an egg from the follicle. This and the next day is the most favorable for conception.

How much are ovulation test Сlearblue?

Such a device is relatively inexpensive. So, in Russia it can be bought for 10-15$. If we talk about Ukraine, the cost of the test for ovulation Сlearblue varies in the same range.

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