Swine flu in pregnant women

Свиной грипп у беременныхAny disease of, transferred to the waiting period of the child, especially those who have a viral nature, can have an extremely detrimental effect on the health and life of the fetus. That is why future mothers who want their son or daughter was born strong and healthy, should by all means try to protect themselves from diseases.

Unfortunately, no measures of prevention do not protect against cold-related illnesses are 100 percent. Due to the nature of the immune system in a pregnant woman greatly increases the probability of «catching» the flu virus or to deal with other infectious agents. Including, it may happen that the expectant mother during pregnancy get sick with swine flu today which is a very common and dangerous disease.

In this article we will tell you how to manifest swine flu than it is dangerous for pregnant women, and what to do if there was an infection.

Signs of swine flu in pregnant women

Swine flu in most cases is exactly the same as ordinary seasonal flu or any other viral disease, therefore, timely to recognize this dangerous disease can be very difficult. The expectant mother should carefully monitor their health and to inform your doctor about all the symptoms that may indicate infection of swine flu, including:

  • marked fever;
  • increased weakness and fatigue, inability to lead a normal lifestyle;
  • a runny nose or nasal congestion;
  • chills and fever;
  • cough;
  • headache;
  • the irritation, pain and other uncomfortable sensations in the throat;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • the pain and abdominal cramps, diarrhea.

What if a pregnant woman is sick with swine flu?

Ignore the above symptoms because the effects of swine flu in pregnant women can be disastrous. To prevent the development of complications, at the first sign of malaise should consult a doctor and undergo the necessary examination, and upon confirmation of the diagnosis can start treatment immediately and to implement all recommendations of the doctor. Including, do not refuse admission to a medical facility if the doctor insists. Perhaps such a measure will help to save the lives of you and your unborn child.
Remember that in the absence of proper treatment of swine flu in pregnant women can provoke spontaneous abortion or premature birth, the development of numerous malformations of the fetus, in most cases associated with cardiovascular system, and even intrauterine death.

If there are no complications to treat swine flu in pregnant women should be exactly the same as other categories of cases. To do this, doctors must prescribe the intake of antiviral drugs, e.g. Tamiflu «Oseltamivir» or «relenza». Typically, such therapy does not exceed 5-7 days. Dosing frequency and dosage of the medicines specified by the doctor, Свиной грипп у беременныхbased on the General condition of the patient, gestational age and other circumstances.

To reduce elevated body temperature it is best to give preference to means of traditional medicine, such as rubbing with a cloth liberally soaked in room temperature water, and drinking hot drinks – milk with honey, decoction of lime blossom, chicken broth, lemon tea and so on. If without the use of antipyretic drugs is still not enough, you should choose medicines on the basis of paracetamol, as the substance is safest for women in «interesting» position.

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