Treatment of influenza in pregnancy

Лечение гриппа при беременностиTreatment of such viral diseases as influenza, pregnancy has its own characteristics, which primarily depends on the gestational age. Look at the basics of the therapeutic process, depending on this factor.

How does the therapeutic process flu in early pregnancy?

When the first symptoms of the disease, a woman should not delay the visit to the doctor. Furthermore, self-medication, as well as various folk remedies, despite their apparent harmlessness, may have a negative impact on the process of pregnancy until it is interrupted.

Treatment of influenza in pregnancy, particularly in the early stages, is carried out mainly symptomatic. This means that all actions are intended, primarily, to facilitate the being pregnant.

So, for example, if you increase body temperature more than 38 degrees, the doctors allow the admission of such antipyretic drug like Paracetamol, Ibuprofen.

In the case of the cough, the doctors allow the use of herbal preparations. However, you should be careful and follow only the doctor appointments. Of expectorants medicines can be used Mukaltin. Great help to soften the cough steam inhalation with chamomile, Hypericum, calendula.

Important value in the treatment of this disease plays abundant, frequent drinking. It promotes the excretion from the organism of future mother toxins. As it can be used tea, various fruit drinks.

Treatment of influenza with the use of such drugs as antibiotics, is not carried out, in view of the great danger of these drugs.

Features of treatment of influenza in pregnancy in the late stages

With the development of the disease in the 2nd and 3rd months of pregnancy to the above means of symptomatic therapy with the use of immunomodulatory agents and antiviral agents — interferon.Лечение гриппа при беременности

It is also possible to use in the treatment of influenza during pregnancy homeopathic medicines, among which the most common Oscillococcinum, Flu Hel.

Often in the treatment of influenza in pregnant women as the primary medicine used various traditional medicines. However, it is necessary before use, be sure to consult with supervising therapist pregnancy. This will avoid the risk of pregnancy complications that can be caused by improper treatment of influenza.

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