Flu during pregnancy in the early stages

Грипп при беременности на ранних срокахSometimes during pregnancy, especially during early pregnancy, women get the flu. Then the question arises, how to treat it and what you can take. Let’s look at the therapeutic process of the disease in more detail.

What features of the treatment of influenza in pregnant women?

As you know, to take antivirals in the first trimester of her pregnancy. Therefore the woman has no choice as to resort to drugs for symptomatic treatment and means of folk medicine.

So, the treatment of influenza in early pregnancy involves the use of fever-reducing medicine, an example of which may be Paracetamol. With increasing temperature over 38,5 doctors recommend taking 1 capsule of the drug.

Drinking plenty of fluids is also of great practical importance in the treatment of influenza, including in early pregnancy. This leads to a rapid cleansing the body of toxins. While it is best to drink tea with raspberries, a decoction of rose hips.

To alleviate cough, doctors recommend steam inhalation with infusions of calendula, camomile, pine buds, St. John’s wort.

When a runny nose you can use saline spray (Humer) or saline, which is carried out the rinsing of the nasal passages. The use of vasoconstrictor drugs is prohibited.

Dangerous flu virus in early pregnancy?

This question is of interest to almost every ailing mom-to-be. Грипп при беременности на ранних срокахThe most dangerous period is until 12 weeks, when there is a bookmark axial organs and systems.

To negative consequences during early pregnancy current pregnancy flu include:

  • an increased susceptibility of the newborn to endocrine disruption;
  • allergic skin reactions;
  • late teething;
  • frequent development of SARS;
  • violation of the process of delivery (increase the volume of blood loss, the development of inflammatory responses after childbirth, the weakening of labor).

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