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Подгузники GoonModern parents, it is difficult to imagine life without diapers. And then the question arises, products which vendor is best suited to your beloved baby. A good choice would be Japanese diapers Goon, has long gained popularity among domestic consumers. Consider what they attract moms and dads who have given preference to this brand.

What are the benefits of Japanese diapers goon?

To choose the right diaper is very important. Even the most expensive ones will not always be the best for their child, because every child’s body is individual and may respond to low-quality material. However, purchasing diapers Goon, you can be rest assured about your kid’s health. Their benefits include:

  • The use of only natural and hypoallergenic materials while manufacturing these products. Bought diapers Goon panties for older kids and their analogues for newborns, you will avoid unpleasant rash on the skin.
  • Small thickness, which is a very important parameter. Due to this, the diapers are perfectly retain their shape, and the filler they do not break into a ball, providing the child maximum comfort.
  • Impregnation of the inner layer with a solution of vitamin E. This is especially good if baby has already started to sit, crawl or walk, doing a lot of active movements. In this case you should choose diapers-underpants gun, which when properly selected size perfectly sit on the baby and not RUB, even if his hypersensitive skin and he never sits still.
  • The lack of odor. The diapers are not impregnated with artificial flavoring, and are made with a special technology that allows you to use natural absorbers of any odors.
  • The special fluting on the inner surface, providing excellent breathability and the lack of irritation on the skin. That’s why pediatricians often recommend Goon diapers for newborns. Because their skin often differ dryness and increased response to mechanical friction, so it needs special care.
  • Convenience: special marks on the belt of diapers will allow you in seconds and symmetrically to fasten them.
  • No leaks: any diapers Goon panties for girls and for kids male ideal to protect your child’s clothing. This is achieved by having a soft internal frills and uniform distribution of the absorbing layer over the entire surface. Therefore, regardless of the physiology of crumbs associated with his floor, these products ensure perfect dryness of legs and back. Also the outside of the diaper has a special membrane film that has the role in water retention. At the same time, it perfectly passes air.

Many parents feel special plus the fact that the market presents as a diaper-pants Goon for boys and their analogues for little princesses. They take into account anatomic features of a child: if you have a son, you will see that in the first case a special absorbent area is slightly higher than for girls.

When buying, consider the size range of diapers goon, which usually Panamera. If the weight of the baby is approaching the top mark of your size, then it is time to move on to the next. The range of these products includes:

  • diapers, newborn (up to 5 kg, 90 PCs.);
  • diapers S (4-8 kg, 84 PCs.);
  • diapers M (6-11 kg, 64 pieces);
  • diapers L (9-14 kg, 54 PCs.);
  • diapers XL (12-20 kg, 42 PCs.).

Panties Goon marks are of the following types:

  • S (4-8 kg);
  • M (for toddlers, just beginning to crawl, 7 to 12 kg, unisex);
  • L (9-14 kg);
  • XL (12-20 kg);
  • XXL (for children 4 years and older,13-25 kg)
  • XXXL (15-35 kg).

Panties sizes L, XL and XXL can be purchased in two versions: the boy and the girl.

Подгузники Goon

Подгузники Goon

Подгузники Goon

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