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Подгузники MerriesToday in pharmacies and stores of children’s goods offers a large variety of disposable diapers for newborn babies and older children. Naturally, loving and caring parents want to purchase for their children the best of everything, so the choice of means of personal hygiene they are suitable with all seriousness.

According to most young mothers, as well as many pediatricians, the highest quality disposable diapers among the models of Japanese manufacturers. Meanwhile, it should be understood that the market States do not the same diapers used by the Japanese themselves. Products for export usually has a more rigid surface and insufficient absorption of moisture, but still provides all of the needs of young mothers.

Perhaps the most popular means of personal hygiene among the products of Japanese brands are disposable diapers Merries. You can buy them in almost any children’s store in Russia and Ukraine, and very often they become the choice of young mothers. In this article we will tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages of owning Japanese diapers Merries, and how does their size range.

The advantages of baby diapers Merries

Disposable diapers Merries brand have a number of advantages compared to products of other manufacturers, namely:

  • these products are very thin and do not increase in size after soaking;
  • have soft elastic bands around the legs that don’t RUB the skin and do not cause the child pain and discomfort;
  • during the manufacture of diapers are not used odorants, chemical impregnation or other substances that can cause allergies in young children. That is why brand products Merries much less often than other diapers can cause allergic reactions;
  • their inner layer is very soft and never irritate the delicate baby skin;
  • Merries diapers for newborns have anatomic shape, are easy to fit and are fixed by means of reusable fasteners that can fasten at the touch of a finger;
  • across the surface of the diaper panties Merries manufacturer is extremely soft dotted rubber band, which prevents them from leaking even when the baby is moving actively too;
  • in addition, in the line of Japanese brand Merries, there are special night nappies in the form of panties for children with body weight from 12 to 22 kg, which have high absorbency due to increased width, an absorbent surface;
  • finally, all personal care products babies this manufacturer are equipped with special indicators that tell the mom when the baby needs to be changed.

Disadvantages of products of the brand Merries

Despite the large number of positive qualities, these diapers have some drawbacks, in particular:

  • as all products of this brand are very thin, they do not always provide reliable protection of the crumbs from the leak for a long time;
  • Merries nappies for the youngest kids don’t have a cut in the navel;
  • diapers-panties are produced for both sexes, without division into boys and girls;
  • the sizes of Merries diapers are listed on the packaging, in most cases, untrue. According to most young mothers, these personal care products babies is quite malomeryat, and this feature must be taken into account when buying.

How to distinguish a fake when buying diapers Merries?

Since the products of this brand are quite expensive, often unscrupulous manufacturers are trying to forge. To distinguish a fake is the quality of the diapers, Подгузники Merriesand the look of the packing, i.e. before the date of acquisition.

Thus, the present products of this brand, unlike the counterfeits, all the inscriptions made in the Japanese language, and the date of manufacture is encoded in the last 4 digits of the special code that is located on the bottom of the containers (in ordinary diapers) or side (panties). The shelf life of diapers Merries is 3 years, counting from this date.

In addition, personal care products that are fake, have a much lower absorption, the design of the diapers, and in most cases have a stranger odor.

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