Educational classes for children 6 years

Развивающие занятия для детей 6 летAt the age of 6-7 years in a child’s life there are significant changes. If he was still a toddler, now he will go to school where the training would require a concerted effort. The task of parents is to make this transition as painless as possible and to ensure conditions for the development of intelligence your son or daughter. This will help you developing lessons for children 6-7 years, aiming at the training of logical thinking, memory, concentration, etc.

How to deal with a child?

Of course, you can drive your child to various clubs and schools of development, but nothing will bring you more than a joint cognitive activity in which mom or dad open up to the child new sides of the world. As examples we may cite the following options for developing classes for preschoolers 6-7 years at home:

  • Cooking in a playful way. While baking a cake or cooking soup kid gets an invaluable opportunity to learn the correct use of Cutlery, precision and accuracy when you add different ingredients in the dish. Give him the opportunity to show imagination and creative thinking to your young Prodigy will be provided. Also, feeding on the table a dish, parents teach children the first lessons of etiquette.
  • Role-playing games, which are played in various everyday situations or well-known tales. This is a great developmental activity for children 6 years of age who have not left before the end of the fairy tale world and only in adulthood. Children certainly love together with parents to participate in sewing costumes and making scenery for theatrical productions. Your child is able to come up with a costume from scrap materials, to make scene objects available in the room, to come up with a new plot or the ending of a beloved story. All this is great stimulates creative thinking.
  • Build the constructor or puzzle or even the solution of simple logical problems. Just set the stopwatch and with your child compete to see who can cope with the task. The child will not only learn something new but also get a lot of positive emotions. If you don’t know what to do with your older toddler at home, these educational classes for children 6 years will be most welcome.
  • Game «Read thoughts». You guess a word and the child has to guess it. To do this, he asks leading questions that you can answer «Yes» or «no». This allows the child to learn to ask the right questions and strive to reach a goal.
  • The game «Find the rhyme». This is a great example of learning lessons in 6-7 years, allowing the child to expand their vocabulary. In this game you need as quickly as possible to find a rhyme to a given word, such as «half – black», «deer – seal» etc. The one who is unable to continue the verbal chain, is a loser.
  • The «Association». The game not only expand the active dictionary of the child, but also to improve memory. Such developmental activities in 6 years to help preschool children prepare well for school. The adult calls the child a few pairs of words that are related associative: pot – soup, school – party, winter snowman, etc. the child’s Task is to memorize these chains. Then you say only the first word of each pair, Развивающие занятия для детей 6 летand the child must remember the second and to call them. Gradually, the game can be difficult, coming up with a larger number of pairs, and more complex Association.
  • The game «Plastic world». Mom or dad together with the child do modeling – a kind of therapy, allowing the child to relax and relieve stress. You can sculpt scenes from a fairy tale or real life, people, birds and animals – everything that you will prompt your imagination. But do not forget to ask the kid why he chose a particular topic for modeling, think and feel what the characters do. This will help to understand the emotional state of the child, to teach him how to resolve conflicts.

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