How to develop the child in 2 years?

Как развивать ребенка в 2 года?By the time the baby is two years old and already has a huge number of different skills and abilities and, moreover, is quite independent. Despite this, he also requires the developmental games and activities with parents and other adults, during which he met with new subjects and concepts, refines previously acquired skills, and expands active vocabulary, and so on.

Of course, developmental activities with a small child should not be like boring and long lessons, because the baby still gets tired easily. In addition, two-year-old kids to better learn information filed in a joking playful way, so you need to develop your child through interesting and exciting games.

In this article we will tell you how to develop the child at 2 years at home and in the street, and what educational activities it is best to pick for kids at this age.

How to develop children after 2 years?

To your son or daughter has developed a complete and diverse, include it in the program of games and activities with him the following items:

  • Although two-year-old child is still relatively small, it is already able to distinguish between «one» and «many», so you need during any games to his attention, how many different items on the picture or on the table. With this approach, at the time of execution crumbs 3 years it will be to accurately determine which is more certain of things, and in some less, and will learn to count up to four or further.
  • To develop fine motor finger, reasoning, and logic the child at the age of two, you must constantly offer him various sorts. Let the kid learn to divide a large number of items into small groups by color, shape, size, type etc. All this, of course, very useful for the brain of a young child and will definitely be useful in the future.
  • Child older than 2 years you can offer to fold the puzzle, or split the picture, although these games do not always generate the interest of such young children. Also very useful to assemble a picture of the dice. If your baby likes to put different patterns, purchase or construct your own cubes of Nikitin «Fold pattern» and daily exercise with the child, gradually complicating the task.
  • For the development of attention and ability to concentrate you can use any of the game, the purpose of which is aimed at searching for items, the more that you can spend them in any setting, including on the street or in line at the clinic. Ask her to find the doggie, pussy, red car and so on, or show all objects of a certain shape or color. Child will love the exciting search and affectionate praise of mom, so he would not refuse from such a game.

This game also can be complicated. When the kid will learn to accurately identify what the subject is before him, ask him to pick up a pair.

  • Do not forget about the importance of creative activities. Be sure to encourage the crumbs to draw, sculpt from clay and salt dough, to make applications and more.
  • Also in 2 years is necessary to develop the child’s speech and do it as often as possible. Constantly talk with your child, ask him questions, read stories and poems, sing his songs, solve simple riddles and so on. Finally, for two year baby very important different finger games.

How to develop a hyperactive 2-year old child?

To develop the hyperactive child in 2-2. 5 years should be exactly the same as any other, however, the lessons should include as many elements aimed at development of motor skills,Как развивать ребенка в 2 года? because it will help him to reset the accumulated daily energy and calm down a bit.

Teach your child to hop on two legs to catch a thrown ball, throw it up, walk on the long Board, holding balance, to dance, to move from place to place bulky, but not heavy objects, climb through a tunnel, walking on hands with adult support and so on.

Although the toddler is not able to sit long on one place, do not give up on educational and creative activities at the table. Encourage the child to work out every 2-3 hours, but the duration of one lesson reduce to 5-10 minutes.

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