Than to treat a cough in a child without fever?

Чем лечить кашель у ребенка без температуры?Cough is one of the most common signs of diseases. In most cases this symptom arises as a consequence of influenza and is accompanied by fever, nasal congestion, sore throat and other signs.

However, it doesn’t always happen. In young children, primarily of preschool age, often there is a cough without fever, which makes parents the crumbs very strongly to worry and worry. In this article we will tell you which character can have the cough in the child, and what to treat, if it proceeds without a concomitant increase in body temperature.

Than to cure wet cough at normal temperature?

Usually the appearance of wet cough in baby shows that the body of a child from infection. To determine what exactly caused the beginning of the inflammatory process, and with any infectious agent encountered by the immune system of the baby, you should consult a doctor and conduct a detailed survey.

Based on the research results, the doctor may prescribe various medications, including antibiotics. In most cases, such a measure is excessive, so it will be useful to consult with another specialist.

In addition, to alleviate the condition of the baby need to give him mucolytics, e.g. Bromhexine Mukaltin or. Also in the treatment of wet cough in a child, occurring without fever, are actively used folk remedies, for example, a decoction of rose hips and chamomile pharmacy, guelder rose and wormwood infusion, milk with natural carrot juice or hot lemon tea.

What to do if a baby has dry cough no fever?

The cause of dry chest cough in a child at any age can also be an infection of the respiratory tract, the penetration of foreign bodies, and allergic reactions. Today, in every pharmacy you can buy many medicines that will help your baby to get rid of this painful symptom, for example, syrup Doctor mom, Lasolvan, Spilling, Flûditek and others.

Although they are relatively safe and can even be used to treat dry chest cough without fever in a newborn child, before applying recommended to consult a doctor. If the result of the examination, the doctor determines that the cause of cough lies in allergies, the child should also be given antihistamines, for example Zyrtec or drops of Fenistil. Identified the allergen need to be completely excluded from the child’s life or at least to reduce the contact of the baby with him to a minimum.

In addition, in some cases, dry cough without fever in a young child may have purely physiological causes. So, quite often such a symptom occurs in toddlers during dentali, after vaccination or after waking up, when the respiratory system is crumbs trying to clean that has accumulated over night mucus.

Regardless of the reasons for the cough, in the room of a sick child it is necessary to humidify the air by purchasing a special humidifier or putting it in a small container filled with water. It is also useful to do inhalations with nebulizer, using as a fluid for filling reservoir saline or mineral water.Чем лечить кашель у ребенка без температуры?

How to treat a barking cough in toddler?

Treatment of barking cough in a child, even if it is held without temperature, should be taken seriously, because this symptom may signal the development of such dangerous diseases such as laryngotracheitis, bronchial spasm and bronchial asthma. Usually, this cough is paroxysmal in nature. If your child had a seizure, you should immediately call the emergency assistance and to comply strictly with all recommendations of medical workers.

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