Conjunctivitis in children – treatment

Конъюнктивит у детей – лечениеConjunctivitis is an inflammatory process that develops in the conjunctiva of one or both eyes. This disease occurs in young children quite often, and in most cases occurs against a background of reduced immunity. Conjunctivitis can be of different nature, and therefore the treatment of this disease in different situations may vary.

In this article we will tell you what are the symptoms characterised by conjunctivitis in children of different ages, and that includes the treatment of this disease, depending on its nature.

Signs of illness in children

Regardless of the age of the child, the disease almost always is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • pain and the sensation of sand in eyes;
  • increased sensitivity to light;
  • eye redness, swelling;
  • gluing of the eyelids after a long stay with my eyes closed, for example, sleep;
  • the appearance of the eyelids yellow crusts;
  • purulent discharge from the organs of vision when the bacterial form of the disease;
  • loss of appetite or none at all;
  • sleep disorders.

In addition, the older guys additionally encounter symptoms such as blurred vision and burning and other discomfort in the eyes. As a very young child cannot tell the parents what he feels, these babies conjunctivitis are solely determined by the external manifestations, but also by the fact that the child becomes extremely lethargic and Moody.

The treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis in children

If the cause of the disease lies in bacterial lesions of the child’s body, the child must appear purulent discharge from one or both of the organs of vision. Under such circumstances necessarily is assigned to the application of topical antibiotics. Commonly in this category are drugs such as levomicetinom drops and tetracycline ointment.

Additionally in the treatment of purulent conjunctivitis in children apply drops of Sulfacetamide. It should be understood that in some cases this disease may be one manifestation of serious diseases. If these measures do not bring the desired result, and all the unpleasant symptoms persist, you must immediately consult an ophthalmologist for detailed examination and appropriate treatment.

Treatment of viral conjunctivitis in children

With the viral nature of the disease the kid’s eyes red and swollen, but nothing outstanding. Antibiotic therapy in this case, as a rule, makes no sense. For the treatment of this form of the disease used drugs with antiviral action, for example, drops of Actipol, Poludan or Trifluralin. Also, if the virus has a herpetic etiology, often used ointments such as Acyclovir or Zovirax.

As to determine the nature of the disease and, especially, the nature of the virus at home is not possible, the treatment of this form of conjunctivitis in babies is carried out only by a doctor.

Treatment of allergic conjunctivitis in children

Allergic inflammation of the conjunctiva occurs when the adverse effects on the child’s body to a certain allergen. It could be pet dander, and common dust, and pollen, and much more. The treatment of this form of the disease to be effective, Конъюнктивит у детей – лечениеit is necessary to identify the allergen and keep all the contacts a little patient with him to a minimum.

For the relief of crumbs in this case, additionally used various antihistamines, for example Zyrtec, or Bromohexyl Allergodil.

Note that in some cases the disease can lead to dire consequences, including loss of vision. That is why the treatment of conjunctivitis in children, especially in the age of year should be under the supervision of an ophthalmologist.

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