What cartoons don’t need to see the child

Every parent wants their child only good. But it is not necessary a priori to assume that all cartoons are beneficial for children. Among the diversity of modern children’s cartoons are found poor quality, badly affecting the psyche of children movies.

Какие мультики не нужно смотреть ребенку

Psychologists believe that: do not underestimate the effect of cartoons on the life and health of the child. It is proved that children copy the behavior of your favorite heroes in real life. Therefore, it is recommended to choose to view the cartoons as realistic as possible with the story and clear pictures.

Important! Parents need to remember that children do not yet distinguish tones, sarcasm, irony and other subtleties. So the plot of the cartoon must be unambiguous and understandable to even the youngest viewer.

Whether to imitate such heroes?

Princess (especially foreign movies) are generally beautiful, confident, but somewhat conceited. Despite this, in children is considered to be definitely positive hero.

Fairy. The character is good, but mixed. Works wonders and everything she wants, just waving his wand.

Warrior. Warlike heroes are favorites of all the boys. They are strong and determined, but often excessively violent.

Fictional creatures. Often, the cartoon coming up with new creatures, but after watching it can be hard to separate fictional characters from real animals or people.

Avoid watching if the animation contains a life-groaning and threatening stunts that characters can easily perform without harm to health. Such frames severely blunting the sense of self-preservation and he feels invincible. Also note, shall be punished in the cartoon the negative behavior of the hero. This is important for the education of the child sense of justice.

Important! A child views the events in the cartoon as reality, so it’s important to help him learn to distinguish between good and bad characters according to their deeds.

A good cartoon should be of high quality, well drawn and voiced. It should not be oversaturated with bright colors and rapidly changing images, so as not to strain the children’s eyes.

The main character must be positive, honest, smart and friendly. Bad deeds of a negative character should not cause a smile or laughter, after all, is a funny child perceives as positive, good. And remember that the cartoon is the best assistant in the upbringing of the child.

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