The pros and cons of computer games

The computer, the Internet and computer games are firmly joined in the lives of not only programmers, but also in the everyday life of ordinary people. These components of modernity has ceased to be something new and won themselves fans of different ages on the planet. It is wonderful when people are introduced to new technologies, but, as in any human achievement, computers and the Internet, especially computer games, have many disadvantages.

Плюсы и минусы компьютерных игр

Consider the positive aspects of computer games:

a) your loved one or child computer games, usually for several hours, which means that it will not interfere with you, can go about their business;

b) you can relax all day though, while the others are busy with computer games;

b) new topics for discussion with virtual friends – the passage of a new level;

g) an increased desire to achieve the ultimate goal in the game.

All. Not a lot of. It would seem that the computer game needs to develop, but consider the cons:

a) sitting playing computer games leads to loss of adaptation in society;

b) computer games do not promote physical development;

b) the room does not get the body needs oxygen, and players in computer games are not going to make promenades. Instead of walks in the fresh air they play;

d) the DC voltage of the optic nerve leads to eye diseases and vision loss;

d) the attitude of the players also contributes to the development of back problems;

e) sedentary lifestyle the players lead to diseases of vessels, these include hemorrhoids;

g) playing computer games, people break the diet, leading to problems with the gastrointestinal tract, i.e. gastritis, ulcers and even cancer;

h) playing poorly cleaned the room for hours, breathing in dust, players take risks in the appendage Allergy and asthma;

and) a waste of money from the family budget, and sometimes considerable, on the virtual stage;

K) a complete disregard of domestic responsibilities, the so-called loss of the family unit;

l) the provocation of conflict situations in the family due to the unwillingness to help loved ones.

This list is endless! The benefits of computer games have their developers, once releasing the game in the network, they continually receive income from the players. It’s a gold mine for programmers, game developers, and real, and not virtual death for the players.

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