How to plant Snapdragon seedlings

Antirrhinums, or snapdragons is an interesting flower. Snapdragons unpretentious, has a variety of coloring, blooms profusely and continuously from spring until autumn.

Как посеять львиный зев на рассаду

Snapdragon is a perennial plant, but in the middle lane not winters. If you have the desire to put him in the garden to get an early and long blooming, sow seeds in mid to late March. The deadline is early April.


Seeds lion’s pharynx small. And to sow them it is necessary almost on the surface of moist friable soil, slightly sprinkled with earth from above. The seeds begin to rise after 10 to 12 days at room temperature 20…23°. As the seeds germinate for a long time, this time need to take care of constant soil moisture. It should be not dry and not too wet.

Like most flower crops small seedlings grow slowly the lion’s throat. Water them carefully. When growing up leaves of the seedlings feed fertilizer for seedlings at low concentrations.

Grown seedlings dive when 3…4 sheets. Planted seedlings lion’s throat in the flower beds at the end of may. A week before planting flowers attached to harden and cool content. In General, nothing super complex in growing seedlings lion’s throat is not.

Planting in the flower beds

Snapdragons has different varieties with different heights of plants, from 20…25 cm to over 70 cm So when transplanting into the garden this nuance should be taken into account that the area of nutrition was sufficient for a long period of flowering. Plants planted 12…15 cm to 30…40 cm from each other. Flowers will grow well in a Sunny location, loose fertile non-acidic soil.

In the dry season in summer snapdragons need abundant watering. And weeding, cultivating and fertilizing will encourage prolonged flowering.

Lion’s pharynx flowers bloom from the bottom up, keeping the decorative effect for nearly two weeks. They are pretty good in the vase life. Dwarf varieties look good in the foreground in flower beds, on balconies, in pots. Seeds for yourself can be harvested in the fall. Only the pure varieties are not available. Flowers are intercrossed and have the opportunity to get their unique coloring lion’s throat.

The decorative qualities, flowering before the autumn frosts snapdragons will not yield many annuals will adorn any flower garden and will be a highlight in the garden.

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