Mutton fat — the benefits and harms

Бараний жир - польза и вред

Many dislike to mutton fat is based on the specific taste of this product. However, when the decision about the use of lamb fat, it is desirable to rely on its benefits and harms.

Use lamb fat for the body

The benefits and harms of lamb fat is due to one ingredient – fatty acids, which in this product is almost a record number. Fatty acids many years was considered harmful, because their use improves the cholesterol in the blood. As a direct consequence, the occurrence of atherosclerotic plaques in blood vessels that trigger strokes and other cardiovascular problems.

Yes, excessive intake of fatty acids can harm your health, but consider them extremely harmful to the body, because without fatty acids impossible for many critical processes. For example, the normal formation of hormones, especially sex. Many people know that losing weight too fond of girls lose their ability to conceive. But for men lack of fatty acids is fraught with sexual impotence.

Mutton fat in cooking

In cooking, use 3 grades of lamb fat is higher, first and second. The best, of course, is the top grade, it is prepared from selected internal fat and tail. The taste of lamb fat specific, it is most often mixed with the vegetable oil and used in the preparation of plov, shurpa and other Eastern meat dishes. It is lamb fat gives the food a special taste.

Nutritional value of lamb fat is very high – almost 900 kcal per 100 g. It contains vitamins a and b, however to compensate the body’s need for these vitamins mutton fat. But in severe physical or mental work lamb fat can energize, warm and improve the body’s resistance to adverse conditions. In addition, mutton fat has antioxidant properties, i.e. prolongs youth.

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