Oatmeal for Breakfast — the benefits and harms

Овсянка на завтрак - польза и вред

Criteria of a healthy diet definitely includes eating cereal products. And among the cereals, oatmeal is a traditional leader in its useful qualities, which most are, if you have it for Breakfast.

How useful oatmeal for Breakfast and than harmful?

Use oatmeal for Breakfast, nutritionists, is undeniable. First, this cereal is a source of slow carbohydrates, i.e. provides the body with energy to Wake up and to start active activities.

Secondly, oatmeal contains large amounts of dietary fiber, which colon cleansing. Regular consumption of oatmeal in the morning reduces the absorption of toxins in the blood and, therefore, improves the condition of all organs and tissues but especially the skin.

Thirdly, oatmeal is rich in vitamins and minerals. And these nutrients to actively digested and assimilated in the morning. The beneficial effects of oatmeal extends to bone, thyroid, liver and kidneys.

Of particular note is the usefulness of oatmeal for pregnant women because it contains folic acid and iron.

But also good, oatmeal for Breakfast can bring and harm. If eating oatmeal every day, over time, this depletion diet will affect the health negatively. So for Breakfast you need to eat a variety of cereals.

Harm will bring oatmeal and celiac disease — gluten intolerance. This disease is difficult to recognize, it can be suspected when frequent upset stomachs and nausea after eating meals containing gluten. Since this disease is hereditary, the risk group also includes those people who have relatives who have celiac disease.

Oatmeal for Breakfast for weight loss

To make the porridge as tasty, it is boiled in water, flavored Овсянка на завтрак - польза и вредwith sugar, honey and butter, add fruits and dried fruits. But this dish is only valid for rolling the child who will use up the carbohydrates obtained in the course of the day.

Adults, especially overweight, oatmeal for Breakfast for weight loss you need to do steamed. Diet cook this dish the night before. Three fourths Cup oats need to pour into a thermos with a wide neck, pour two cups of boiling water and leave overnight. Morning steamed oatmeal you can add a spoon of honey and some fruit or dried fruit. Steamed oatmeal for Breakfast for weight loss you can also kefir or natural yoghurt, warmed to room temperature.

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