Breathing exercises Strelnikova – the benefits and harms

Дыхательная гимнастика Стрельниковой – польза и вред

Breathing exercises Strelnikova method, which not only normalizes the function of internal organs and systems, and promotes weight loss. Science has long proven that proper breathing helps to cope with different ailments. All this leads to the emergence of a number of areas: occisis, bodyflex, qigong, etc.

The benefits and harms of breathing exercises Strelnikova

Initially the exercises were designed to restore the voice, but later people began to notice other positive qualities. Technique based on energy inhalation and passive exhalation. The complex has more than 10 different exercises.

Use breathing exercises Strelnikova:


  • It can be used as a prevention of respiratory diseases and primarily in children.
  • Exercises help to cope with diseases of the respiratory tract. There is evidence that they can help get rid of even asthma.
  • Breathing exercises Strelnikova useful for weight loss because it improves metabolism and work of digestive system. In addition, the exercises develop the muscles. Experts recommend exercises to do at obesity.
  • It is worth noting the positive impact on the cardiovascular, nervous and urogenital system.


To expect to receive useful properties are the only people with perfect health, but they can boast only one. That is why it is important to take into account existing contraindications breathing exercises Strelnikova. Caution should perform exercises in the presence of chronic diseases. You cannot use the gym at the existence of problems with the spine, internal bleeding, increased pressure and elevated temperature. The harm of the wrong exercises.

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