Menu for weight loss 10 kg

Меню для похудения на 10 кг

Effective diet for weight loss 10 kg must be calculated not for one week, the minimum time is a month. The weight must escape gradually, otherwise count on save is not worth it. Rapid weight loss of 10 kg can lead to different health problems, the weight will likely return to double the size. To achieve results, it is recommended to combine an effective diet to lose weight at 10 kg and regular exercise. In the menu you can make changes using equivalent meals.

Approximate diet for weight loss 10 kg

If you want to make your figure slim, then give up junk food, replacing it useful.

Options menu for weight loss 10 kg:


  • Morning 2 eggs, cooked soft-boiled, vegetable salad (dressing – olive oil) and green tea. For a snack you should take lettuce leaves and 50 g low-fat cheese. At lunch you can pair of Breasts, grilled, side salad and unsweetened tea. To snack, drink 1 tbsp. of yogurt and eat a handful of berries. Menu dinner: boiled fish fillet, roasted vegetables with herbs and cheese. Bedtime can be 1 tbsp. of yogurt.
  • For Breakfast, prepare two egg omelet with tomatoes, celery, herbs and 50 g of cheese and drink some green tea. For a snack will do 1 tbsp. of yogurt with berries. In the dinner eat steam fish fillet and vegetable soup and the afternoon tea yogurt with berries. In the evening you can afford veal on the grill, steam the cauliflower with 1 tbsp olive oil and green tea. At bedtime can low fat milk or yogurt.
  • For Breakfast prepare a berry smoothie and green tea. The menu is rich second Breakfast: boiled chicken Breasts and salsa. In the afternoon you can steam fish fillets and noodles with mushrooms. To snack eat 55 grams of cheese and a piece of celery. In the evening you can afford a pair of Breasts, steam the asparagus with cheese and tea.


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