What is different from steamer steam cleaner?

Modern Housewives use in the home the most cunning and amazing fixtures. Today, increasingly popular devices with the function of steam. It is increasingly equipped with such familiar devices, such as irons and vacuum cleaners. Yes what there to speak, even if ordinary mops are from the home network and have the ability to hot humid air! Appreciate the convenience of these options, many people are starting to think about buying such a useful technical devices as steamers and steam cleaners. But before you give preference to one of them, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of each instrument. In this article we will talk about what is different from steamer steam cleaner.



Steamer – a device for Ironing fabric articles by supplying the moist hot air. Can be used both in the home and in businesses (hotels, clothing stores, etc.). The first device of this type was patented in the US in 1940. It is used to restore the shapes felt hats, which were very popular among Americans. Classic steamer consists of a flat iron, hose, located inside plastic housing of the generator, and a telescopic rack. The latter is equipped with a clothes rack. Manual models of the device at its appearance resemble an electric kettle (see photo). Among the main characteristics of the devices is to provide power, size, water tank and extra functions. The principle of operation is based on the ability of hot steam to give the product a neat appearance, straightening the fibers of the fabric. It should be noted that in some aspects the device can act as an alternative to the iron, but not replace it completely. Products made of cotton, linen and other natural fabrics are easier to smooth in a traditional way. The same can be said about linen. However, in the case when you need to order products from corduroy, synthetics or knitwear, decorated with various decorative elements, the steamer is indispensable.

Hand steamer

Steam cleaner – a device designed to remove dirt and disinfect all surfaces. Consists of a water tank, a heating element, a flexible hose, the trigger of the «gun» and various attachments. Usually the package device also includes a funnel, measuring Cup, and a rag for the floor. A steam cleaner can be used to remove the dirt from upholstered furniture, carpets, Windows, chrome-plated products, sanitary ware, and also for smoothing of linen and hydrate houseplants. Devices of this type are divided into manual and floor that looks like a vacuum cleaner. Some models possess the function of moisture control vapor, which significantly expands the scope of application of the device.

Steam cleaner

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It should be noted that the principle of operation of the devices are very similar. In addition, many manufacturers produce multi-function models, which further complicates the classification process. The differences in the aggregates are mainly in functional purpose. Let us discuss this point in more detail. So, a steamer is a device designed for treatment of fabrics. He does a good job of smoothing a variety of textile products: garments, curtains, Drapes, etc. Also in its function to fight against microbes, pathogens allergies, unpleasant odours and greasy stains. However, the main purpose of the instrument is smoothing the tissues.

The difference from the steamer steam cleaner is that the main function of the latter is the removal of dirt from surfaces. In the role of the latter can act as carpeting or upholstery, plumbing, flooring, tile, etc. the Device is typically equipped with a whole set of nozzles and can be used for smoothing different products. However, due to the design features to handle them, the fabric is not too convenient. The unit is more adapted for interaction with solid surfaces.

If the classic steamer has a convenient stand with hanger for garment, the cleaner it is missing. However, the latter unit is characterized by a more complex device, adding to its functionality. Part of the device is the compressor, through which air is supplied under additional pressure. A powerful jet of steam directed substantially increases the efficiency of the device. Thus, the unit has a more complex structure and extensive list of features that affects its price.

In the steamer the air is supplied by gravity and exits under minimal pressure. The effect of smoothing due to the straightening of the fibers as a result of exposure to high temperatures. Such a device has a more simple device, plenty of additional tips not provided basic equipment. In this regard, the Assembly is characterized by a limited scope and has a very attractive price.

To summarize, what is the difference between steamer and steam cleaner.

Steam cleaner

The main function is smoothing
Designed to remove dirt

Used for textile treatment
Interacts with almost any, mostly hard surfaces

Can not boast an abundance of additional attachments
The set of accessories included as standard device

Equipped with a stand with clothes hanger
Rod is missing

Has a more simple design
The device is somewhat more complicated

The air goes out under minimal pressure
The steam is directed a powerful jet

Characterized by a limited scope
Has extensive list of features

The price of the unit is very attractive
The cost is hardly affordable

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