What distinguishes a convection oven from the grill?

Juicy flavorful meat, covered with Golden crispy crust, is the ultimate dream of many gourmets. Surprisingly, today to cook like a culinary masterpiece is able to absolutely anyone, far from cooking art. This is only to acquire modern and functional technical device. The speech in this case goes about the convection ovens and grills. But which instrument to choose? To answer this question, it is necessary to know the possibilities and characteristics of each of them. Let us consider what distinguishes a convection oven from the grill.



Aerogrill – a device for cooking with hot air. It is a multifunctional device that combines the capabilities of electric stoves, microwave ovens, toaster, ovens, steamers, electrocasnice and even yogurt. The unit consists of bowl or glass flasks, plastic coasters, metal rings, control panel and cover. Hidden inside the last work items of the product: the fan and heating element. In fact, the unit is a convection oven, the principle of which is based on the injection of hot air. Because in the process of cooking food uniformly blown from all directions, the dish turns out well cooked, fried or baked. The speed and temperature of air flow can be adjusted. Equipped with a timer device has the auto-off feature and require the presence of a master in the kitchen. The advantage of aerogrill is the possibility of cooking without adding oil.

Electric grill

The grill is a device for cooking method of cooking on the grate above the heating element. Manufactured predominantly from stainless steel with non-stick coating. The feature of the device lies in the fact that thermal treatment of the food in it is only due to the electricity. The product is mainly used for frying meat, fish and vegetables. The units of this type are divided into contact and contactless. The first can be compared with the pan. They are both unilateral, and bilateral. The advantage of such models is the absence of Chad when cooking. During the heat treatment of products out of them the juice flows into a special container or tray, preventing the formation of smoke. However, it is worth to mention, that is prepared using the device of the meals will not have mind-blowing flavor of the fire.

As for contactless electrical grill, they have an open spiral. The resulting thermal processing of foods will be indistinguishable from fried products on a fire. However, during operation of the device the fat enters directly into the heating elements and extends around the house unbearable Chad. Therefore, use of such a device is better in the open air.

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The main difference between devices is the method of thermal processing products. So, cooking in aerogrill is carried out by means of hot air which is evenly distributed throughout the tank. As a result, the products are fried or baked from all sides. They are surprisingly juicy and soft. The grill dishes are prepared by the method of frying on the grill, which does not guarantee uniform treatment of products from all sides. But the food can absorb the unusual smell of woodsmoke. This property is not able to boast of any aerogrill. However, the last unit has the broadest spectrum of the various functions. In fact, it can replace almost all kitchen appliances.

In aerogrill you can not only cook soup and fry the kebabs, but also defrost and reheat food, steamed, dried fruits and berries, to make yogurt, sterilize the jars and bottles, baking the pies. Having multiple tanks allows the owner to save time. Because the product has the ability to simultaneously prepare a number of dishes. Thanks to the timer and selecting the auto-off people should not be present in the kitchen in the process of operation of the device. Another difference of the grills from the grill is that the latter is difficult to call a functional device. Of course, with the task of roasting meat and vegetables, as well as heating and defrost it products it can handle. But to prepare meals for a couple or sterilize dishes, alas, can not.

In addition, the processing of the products using convection oven the smell will not spread throughout the apartment. Even if battery in the device for preparing several dishes, the flavors are not mixed with each other, which is a significant plus. Electric grills with open spiral have a significant drawback. Chad they spread throughout the apartment, which are primarily used outdoors. Moreover, in the process of cooking products flowing from the fat hits the heating element, it gives the owner extra hassle when cleaning the unit. Some models also have the grill simultaneous cooking of two or three courses. However, in the process, many devices of this type the person will have to ensure that the food is not burnt and in a timely manner to flip the pieces.

To summarize, what is the difference between convection oven and grill.

Electric grill

Cooking done using hot air
Food frying on the grill

Products are processed from all sides
Does not guarantee even roasting

The aroma of food remains a classic
The food can soak up the smell of a fire

It has a wide range of functions
The feature list is limited

Does not require the presence of a man in the kitchen
The owner should control the process

The smell is not spreading throughout the apartment
Devices with an open spiral pretty heavily smoke when working

Adapted for home use
Some of the models recommended for use outdoors

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