What distinguishes the credit from the exam?

It is quite obvious that student life is not as carefree as it might seem at first glance. Prolonged semesters, involving visits to countless couples, replaced by insanely exciting sessions, the outcome of which depends the fate of the future specialist. Integral elements of the educational process are tests and exams, allowing to assess the quality of student learning of the material. Each of the methods of assessment of knowledge has its own features and characteristics. Talk about them in more detail in the answer to the question, what distinguishes the credit from the exam.



Credit is a form of verification of skills and knowledge of students of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions. Can be carried out both orally and in writing. Method of certification is established by the teacher. Record week is held prior to the examination session. However, mark the check can exhibit, and in the last lesson on a particular discipline. Much in this case depends on the attendance and progress of students during the semester. Particularly diligent students often receive a credit «automatic». For exams students are only admitted after successfully passing the preliminary checks. The result is recorded in the record book and statements. The test has scoring.


The exam is one form of checking the knowledge. In higher educational institutions is carried out during the sessions. There are many types of exams, United by similar traditions. They include school, College, military, international and other tests. The very term «examination» is translated from Latin as «tongue» or «the scale». However, this word is also used in a figurative meaning: «assessment», «test». The system of school examinations has developed in the era of the Petrine reforms. Subsequently, it had been reformed many times and has undergone a number of changes. After the October revolution of 1917 the tests have been cancelled and re-entered into the school curriculum only 15 years later. During this time the government also realized the need for the introduction of entrance exams when entering the University. The collapse of the USSR and post-reform have made some changes in the system of Russian education. In 2007 the country introduced the unified state exam for school leavers and graduates.

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Consider the differences of the concepts in the context of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions. The classification is an intermediate verification test, which is held just before the beginning of the session. According to his results, the student is either allowed or not allowed for the exam. Compared to last test supports a simpler form of certification. Often it is set on the basis of submitted essays or term papers. Very diligent and active students who regularly attend classes in another discipline may receive credit «automatic». This method of checking knowledge does not imply a rating scale assessments. If the test is passed successfully, the student receives a grade of «pass». Otherwise, the score is added to the particle «not». In addition, the credit covers the topics covered in the course of one semester. While the exam requires the repetition of all studied material. Accordingly, the preparations for such a test is more complex and time-consuming process.

Another difference of the credit from the exam is that the latter has a point scoring system. Grade shall be awarded on a scale from one to five and will be subject to subsequent inclusion in the diploma. Usually certification is performed by tickets, in oral or written form. Each student is responsible to its list of issues. Get exam «automatic» can be extremely rare, and if the student agrees to the assessment «satisfactory». Such testing is an integral part of the session. Shortly before its implementation, the teachers arrange a consultation during which give explanations to the list of issues. Usually the day is assigned no more than one exam, while tests may be multiple. Consultation on the latter is not provided.

To summarize, the difference between test and exam.


Is held before the beginning of the session
Acts as an integral part of the session

Often presented on the basis of essays or term papers
Passes tickets

May be «automatic» in the case of regular visiting couples
Get «the machine» is practically impossible

Does not have a point system ratings
Mark exhibited on a scale from one to five

The result is stored in the register
The result is reflected in the diploma

Covers the topics covered during the semester
Requires repetition of all of the material studied

Not implies the organization of consultations
Teachers give preliminary explanations on

Can get several checks per day
During the day can be arranged not more than one test

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