What is the difference between monitoring headphones from overhead?

Monitor and headphones — among the most popular types of audio equipment. What are their characteristics? What is the difference between monitoring headphones from overhead?

What are monitoring headphones?

Under the monitor is commonly understood as headphones that have earpads in sizes, sufficient for grasping the whole surface of the ears of the user, and at the same time enough close to the head.

Noted design feature is implemented in closed headphones for a reason: the fact that these devices traditionally meant for «monitoring» sound, attentive listening. For example, in order to assess the quality of the recordings, and sound effects in a professional audio Studio or in the division of the company-developer of computer games.

Thus, in closed headphones implemented the best technologies of sound reproduction, and therefore of the corresponding type devices are the most expensive. These devices is extremely comfortable as a long-term continuous use, for example, during the work shift specialist sound.

Ear headphones that reproduce audio in the highest quality, suggest a connection to the equipment, capable to provide respective output flows. That is, to devices Hi-End. Of course, requirements for media sources audio tracks in this case also very high. It will not be MP3 files online bitrate, but rather, laser discs or vinyl records. Some audiophiles agree that listening to uncompressed.WAV files.

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Under invoices made to understand earphone with ear pads in size large enough to close the ears of the user, but not to embrace them fully. The devices presented in this design allow the listener, on the one hand, enjoy very loud and quality sound the audio, on the other — do not cause him discomfort when worn for long periods, since it is not as tight as a monitor headphones that are close to the head.

The device in question can be presented in a variety of price ranges — from budget categories to those that are designed for use with the same Hi-End equipment.

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The main difference between monitor headphones from invoices in that the former grasping the ears of the user completely, and also close to the head, the second is just close my ears and noticeable pressure on the head of the listener does not have.

Design headphones are designed for sound reproduction in the highest quality. Using these devices assume a close listening to sound in minute detail by professional Studio engineers and Studio staff. Therefore, ear headphones are the most expensive — as well as the devices to which they usually connect. Overhead devices designed primarily for the Amateur, the Philistine regime. But among them there are models designed for listening to high quality audio on Hi-End equipment.

Defining the difference between a monitor and headphones, fix its basic criteria in the table.

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Ear headphones

Have pads of sufficient size to girth the ears of the user
Have pads of sufficient size to close the ears of the user, but not to embrace them

Designed for use with the equipment Hi-End
Designed for use with different types of equipment

Are usually, more expensive than most other categories of headphones
Are usually, cheaper monitoring devices

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