What distinguishes the speaker from the subwoofer?

In many acoustic systems use speakers and subwoofers. What are they? What distinguishes the speaker from the subwoofer?

Facts about the speakers

Under the speaker is commonly understood, in principle, any electronic device designed to play audio (analog or digital) in a space (room, hall) or outdoors. The specific site of application, the dynamics will depend on its capacity and adaptability.

In a narrow sense, the speaker referred to as a relatively low-power acoustic device, designed for audio playback in a small area — within a room or even the area of the computer Desk, if we are talking about dynamics for the PC. The sound quality on these devices is expected is not very high, largely due to the fact that they only played the base frequency.

Are «normal» speakers as a rule, inexpensive. Or does ship as part of the computer, and therefore buying them is not necessary. If you buy external speakers with similar characteristics, it is possible to achieve significantly higher sound quality, most likely, will not succeed. But you can do this, if you buy a subwoofer. Consider the features of this device.

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The subwoofer is, strictly speaking, a kind of dynamics, if understood to mean any device designed for sound reproduction. But «speaker» he almost never called, because it is much more technologically advanced device than the one intended to reproduce sound in the room.

The subwoofer is a device that can play audio streams at low frequencies ranging from 5 Hz. These frequencies are important from the point of view of quality playing special effects in films, and also many varieties of modern music. Listening to tunes with the subwoofer, the user, even if he is not a music fan with the experience, will feel that the sound is reproduced much better than on «normal» speakers.

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The main difference from the subwoofer speaker that is not as adjusted as the second, to the reproduction of low frequencies. And because the sonic effects and music when you use the «normal» dynamics may be considerably lower than when utilizing the subwoofer.

Defining the difference between the speaker and the subwoofer fix its criteria in the table.

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What is common between them?

A subwoofer is a type of dynamics in the broad sense of the term (as including any device designed for sound reproduction)

What is the difference between them?

«Normal» speaker as a rule, are not designed for playback of sound at low frequencies
Able to play sounds at low frequencies — 5 Hz

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