How to distinguish the genuine Christian Louboutin shoes

Using the popular Shoe brand Christian Louboutin, some companies also started producing these shoes. However, wanting to purchase authentic branded goods, one must understand that the well-known brand is not only bright red soles.

Как отличить натуральные туфли Christian Louboutin

Indeed, the main difference between both female and male models famous French Shoe designer Christian Louboutin is red bottom. But this sign does not give any functionality to the shoes, and just is a kind of «signature» of the author. The main advantage — easy to block. After all, even the women’s classic shoes with heels 15 cm do not tire your legs, because the height is not felt on the foot and the shoes fit like a glove.

The main important features are:

  • only leather and suede;
  • made in France (not Italy and other countries);
  • red sole glossy with glitter, a logo (if the color is matte, then it’s a fake);
  • long wearing taps on the heels (they are always bright);
  • impeccably neat seams (especially should pay attention at the back);
  • inside, too, only natural materials on the footbed brand logo;
  • socks never ride up, the whole sole firmly on the ground;
  • in the presence of the slot is found it is perfect in shape and size, the sock does not slip forward;
  • price: brand shoes from Christian Louboutin may not cost 700 Euro cheaper, because it is handmade.

Shoes from Christian Louboutin not necessarily classic. The designer has developed many models of traditional, sporty, eccentric of footwear for every taste. This model with spikes, shoes with laces, shoes combined of different shades of skin. But they are distinguished by the practicality and quality.

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