How to clean suede

Your suede shoes aesthetic, not out of fashion. The only trouble is that suede is hard to clean. And the danger to stain your favorite pair of shoes lurking literally everywhere. To favorite boots, shoes and boots remained as good as new, you need to properly clean suede shoes.

Как очистить замшевую обувь

Dry method

To clean suede shoes only needs dry. For cleaning use only special brushes with soft and elastic bristles. It is possible to buy this at a Shoe store. Brush gently remove dried dirt. Movement should be smooth, repeating the direction of the NAP.

Enough to spill something sticky and the suede immediately acquire worn-out look. This is because the villi are glued together. To get rid of this effect, you need to take the suede brush or a small piece of tissue. Treating the affected area in different directions, we can ensure that the NAP atlautla and acquire original appearance.

Soiling from suede is easier to clean with usual eraser. Also suitable corrugated rubber, which may be, for example, the sole of new shoes. Need soft movements without pressure to treat the contamination until completely clean.

Wet method

Slightly moisten the contaminated area. With a sponge or cloth DAB the surface of the suede to remove excess moisture. To shoes do not lose shape, the inside needs to write a paper. Newspapers for these purposes it is better not to use because the ink may be absorbed into the material.

As such, the Shoe should stand until dry. After the processed surface of the suede brush.

Oil stains

Cleaning suede from oil stains requires swift action. If the contamination is fresh, the affected area must be backfilled with starch, flour or talcum powder. So from the surface will remove the excess oil. The remaining traces are washed using soap solution and a soft brush for suede.

Stubborn stains

Chewing gum is removed with suede quite a drastic step. You need to remove the traces of gum, trying not to damage the pile. Next, you will freeze. Suede shoes need a few hours to stand in a freezer to complete solidification of the residue of chewing gum. After the surface of the Shoe is trimmed with the blunt side of a knife or ruler.

The blood from the surface of suede is removed by using hydrogen peroxide. The tool is carefully brushed with a cotton swab on the affected area.

Ink stains are removed from suede using alcohol.

Most difficult stains are removed from suede using vinegar solution. Essence is diluted in a ratio of 1 part of 100% solution to 10 parts water. Received means the pollution is processed until complete purification. After the vinegar is removed from suede using a clean water.

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