How to stay beautiful with a small child

Often, after the child is born, the woman becomes locked in the walls of his house, changing beautiful shoes on sneakers and sostrig long nails, so you don’t accidentally scratch the baby. Not everyone has grandparents, ready at the first call to take the child to themselves or funds for a babysitter, which is also difficult to choose.

Как остаться красивой с маленьким ребенком

The main principle of beauty, grooming and visual appeal for young mother should be natural. For example, short manicured nails, covered with a light varnish, or simply cover, is no worse than a first-class manicure, and a lightly penciled eyelids and tinted lashes look more natural and no less attractive than the makeup of some glossy magazine.

About hairstyles you can say that a short well-groomed hair is able to solve many of the problems with stacking, and long, braided in a neat plait or wrapped in a bun really does not bring discomfort. Most importantly, time to wash them and touch up the roots. In tight jeans, fashionable tops or jerseys, youth dresses or sundresses will be just as convenient to walk with a child, as in dimensionless trousers and jackets. Only in the last mom look terribly unattractive, so do not wear them, but the best way is to forget about them.

The mother must remember that she is a woman, still young and attractive. Walking can benefit not only the baby but also the mother. Quite easy to keep the body in shape, with Chad playing active games in the fresh air, strengthening the contact with the child receiving a lot of pleasant emotions, not least for the appearance. Charm in a woman comes from within, so that even in the absence of makeup or nail Polish confident mom look a lot more attractive in any circumstances.

If there is a dad, then not necessarily always direct beauty on our own, you can always carve out at least a few hours a week to the salon, pool or gym.

Absolutely wrong to assume that because a woman sits with her child, nobody sees, and it can look like anything. Not every man like unkempt, harried wife and mother of his child. First of all, the woman needs to be beautiful and try to do it for yourself, and for everyone else, including her husband.

Irresistible women quite often is the personal perception of themselves. For example, if mom is nice to look at myself in the mirror, that confidence will go not only from her appearance but from inside her and be transmitted to others.

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