Interesting facts about the anvil in «Minecraft»

If you like to play «Minecraft» on a mobile phone, it is helpful to learn a few interesting facts and tips about the anvil. We will focus on version 0.14.0. The main function of the anvil in the game – repairing armor and tools in case of breakage. However, there are nuances that you might not know.

Факты о наковальне в Майнкрафт

Fact 1

Additional features of use of an anvil is the «enchantment» that makes weapons, tools or armor with additional abilities. To «enchant» the thing in the anvil, you should:

1. To make a simple book out of cow leather and sheets of paper.

2. The book should be «enchant» through the table «enchantment».

3. Locate pre-lazuli, click on the table of «enchantment» and put the stone in the lower box, and the book put in the top.

4. Select «enchantment» and click on the button with a white arrow. You will get a enchanted book.

Go back to the anvil, put in the first window that you will enchant. In the second window needs to be a fascinated book. In the third window automatically displays your object with the role of «enchantment». Do not forget that by creating a new «enchanted» item, the book will disappear.

Fact 2

Also in the anvil to rename items. For example, take any thing, put in the first window of the anvil. The top line shows the name of the subject.

Click on the row and enter the new name. For this you need only 1 part of the experience. As a result, in the third box shows the object with a new name, which will remain until, until you rename it again.

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