Make a postcard «Bouquet in a Cup»

This card makes a wonderful gift not only on March 8, but on birthdays, other holidays, because it looks very cute and is simple and fast.

Делаем своими руками открытку "Букет в чашке"

To create cards you will need thin coloured cardboard, a sheet of plain printer paper, small piece of narrow satin ribbon, glue.

The order of execution of work:

1. Cut out of colored cardboard for the base cards in the shape of a Cup or mug with handle. Please note that the card must be in the form of a booklet, and this before you cut the Cup, it will be necessary to fold the cardboard in half.

Делаем своими руками открытку

2. On the right side of the postcard, stick a square of white paper, designed to write congratulations.

3. From color paper cut out flowers, leaves, stems, flowers (I described this process earlier in the article about a very cheerful bouquet of paper). Note that since the card is supposed to be bilateral, on each stem it is necessary to paste two of the same flower (both sides), leaves only from one side. Thus, to create a single cardboard flower you will need one stem, 2-3 green leaves, two identical flowers.

Делаем своими руками открытку

4. Glue the stems of flowers on the left side of the card. Make ribbons from the simplest bow and stick it on top, where the stems are crossed flowers.

If desired, decorate the outside of the cards, as you will prompt the imagination. The easiest way is to glue on the outside for another 2-3 of the same flower.

Helpful hint: don’t follow the instructions for creating the cards literally. Pofantaziruyte with the shape and number of flowers, decoration of external side of a postcard.

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