Bright a pencil holder from clothes-hangers

Here is another idea, pasalaysay to make home or office Desk brighter.

Яркий стакан для карандашей из бельевых прищепок

You purchased the dryer or a washing machine with drying option, as the old wooden clothes pegs have nowhere to put? There are a lot of ideas for their application to art and this is one of the most simple.

To decorate a Cup for pencils linen clothespins, you need wooden clothespins (at least 7-8 pieces), glue, a pencil holder (the easiest, with smooth surface, of a cylindrical shape), paint.


1. Disassemble the clothespin in half.

2. Color halves of the clothespins in different colors, bright or not. Wait until the paint dries. For coloring clothespins can use the classic oil paint, but are possible options depending on your taste and financial possibilities.

Helpful hint: if you have forgotten your multi-colored nail Polish, you can use them to paint the clothespins. If the paint thickens, dilute it with acetone.

3. Carefully glue the halves of the clothespins on the pencil holder. So in the end there was left an ugly gap, can anticipate clothespins.

Hack ready. You can further decorate it by establishing a narrow satin ribbon or bright woolen thread that she pulled the clothespins lying in a recess in the upper third of the glass.

By the way, more time consuming option is to make the Cup from scratch. For example, out of cardboard to make the base (cylindrical Cup), and then decorate it with colored clothespins.

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