6 simple rules to lose weight without dieting

If you want to have a slim figure and good health, forget about diets. Nothing spoils the mood like a strict restriction in the diet. And to be slim always and not have weight problems, you need to pay attention to the following important rules.


1. Food combining is the basis of ideal weight loss. In order to easily and without dieting to lose weight, you must eat at least six times a day. Optimal solution — every three hours. The result is reduced volume of the stomach, improve metabolism. Serving size dishes during the main meal should be no more than 400 grams, and snack — 200 grams.

2. Control of carbohydrates should be mandatory. Say no to consumption of simple carbohydrates. As they say, they are nothing but trouble. When mindless eating extra pounds and health problems are provided. If it is hard to give them up, enter these products in the grade a holiday. This means that cookies, cakes or fried potatoes should be on your Desk in small amounts no more than once a week. And you can eat them just before lunch.-kak-legko-pohudet-bez-diet-

3. Vegetables are the best friends of those who want to lose weight without using diets. Fiber contained in vegetables, helps to effectively cope with the extra weight. Pay special attention to the green vegetables. Potassium, which is present in these vegetables, helps the body to normalize electrolyte balance. Spinach, cucumbers, celery, greens should always be in the diet of people seeking to reduce weight.-kak-legko-pohudet-bez-diet-

4. The ban is canceled, if during the diet you very difficult give up your favorite foods. You can afford to eat something not very useful, but after perform a variety of actions. For example, drink a glass of water, eat a salad, roll Hoop, put things in the closet. It is possible that after that the desire to eat would probably be.

5. Spices in losing weight quite effective. There are a number of products with fat burning effect. Ginger, mustard, red pepper, turmeric, cinnamon will help you to easily lose weight without using diets. These useful spices help combat fat deposits, normalize blood sugar, reduce appetite.

6. Motivation in losing weight without dieting is important. Sometimes well-chosen motif, helps to lose weight easily and without problems. And the motives can be different. For example, health care, promotion, a new love. The main thing is to find the right one.

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