How to get rid of weeds on the plot

Very often, newly purchased or inherited the land looks like the real virgin soil, where perennial weeds are impenetrable wall. The owners give up, they don’t know where to start the development of their country land. Do not despair, in 2-3 years the area will become simply unrecognizable, it is necessary to start.

Борьба с бурьяном - глаза боятся, а руки делают

There are several ways how to deal with weeds. First determine what is «weeds». Typically, this is a tall annual and perennial plants such as sow Thistle, weed, nettle, yarrow, wormwood, mullein, burdock, quinoa, ground. It is important to know that these plants do not tolerate constant mowing, sensitive to the effects of herbicides and long shadow. It is these properties you want to use in the fight against weeds. Thus, we consider different options.


If possible, it is necessary to conduct winter plowing of a virgin soil, leaving large clods intact. This will help to partially promisit part of the rhizomes of perennials. In the spring of the arable land is cultivated, breaking clods and leveling the ground. It would be good to say that this weed ends, but, unfortunately, it is not.

Вспашка- один из вариантов окультуривания целины

The fact that the soil remains a huge amount of rhizomes of perennials with thousands of underground kidney. Once prigreet sun, they will germinate and the plot will be covered with a carpet of fresh greens. Therefore, during and after cultivation need to chose all the roots and lay them in a compost pile (or just to dry in the sun).

Treatment with herbicides

Sprouted young green weeds need to be treated with herbicides — preparations inhibit the growth of plants. They are applied when plants are actively growing, in spring and early summer.

Herbicides to spray the weeds and to perepalki, but again only in the beginning of the season. With July treatment these drugs are not particularly effective.

Обработка гербицидами сплошного действия

The grass begins to turn yellow and dry out in about a week, and at the end of the month, you can already lay on the former virgin soil of the vegetable garden and flower beds.

High ridge

Many gardeners are opponents to the use of pesticides. In this case, right on the state farm equip boxes from boards, slate or metal. The bottom is lined with cardboard, and on top make a «layer cake» of different organic wastes.

Пример высоких гряд

The course is mowed grass, both fresh and dried and fallen leaves. All this ensures a thin layer of soil, peat, manure. Sverhu laid the topsoil, in which are sown seeds and planted seedlings.

Suterenie sites

If a long time to isolate the weeds from light, they will die. On this phenomenon based method of suppression of weeds by cover future ranges any opaque material. It can be anything, ranging from laminated cardboard and ending with old rugs and carpets. For these purposes it is convenient to use the black spunbond geotextile, slate, roofing material, old banners.

Притенение земли укрывным материалом

The coating must lie on one place not less than season, for example, from spring to spring. In this case, most of the weeds are killed and cleansed them from the area can be used for a vegetable garden.

Regular financing mowing down

If you completely clear the area from weeds no desire or ability, it is possible to domesticate wild plants and gradually turn it into a beautiful and smooth lawn. To do this, hold the primary drive of the mowing trimmer, and then regularly, at least twice a month alkalimat pad mower.

Первичное окашивание триммеромMost plants will not survive such violence and will die. Will survive only some grasses, for which only regular mowing stimulates tillering, Yes dandelions with clover.In a year or two instead of buranovo Heath lawn will be smooth and healthy lawn.

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