How to increase reading speed?

Как увеличить скорость чтения?

Speed reading has many advantages: it allows you to save time learning and processing the material to obtain much more information in a short period of time, to extract the main idea. Of course, reading is very important primarily for students. Mastering some of the exercises, and applying them in practice, you can increase the speed of reading, since they focus on the expansion of visual field, development of rhythm.

How to increase the reading speed of an adult?

Reading speed can be increased at any age, the main thing constantly and do not throw this. But first it is worth saying that before you perform a particular exercise, you need to adopt the right posture: posture should be smooth, and the left hand slightly to rely on the book.

How to increase the speed of reading the books:


  • External articulation, which is manifested in the speaking aloud read words, must be suppressed. To do this while reading to close his lips with his hand.
  • Completely suppress internal articulation. This process, accompanied by a speech about yourself read words. It significantly reduces speed. To get rid, while read to count to yourself from 1 to 10.
  • Try to eliminate or reduce return eye movements to the previous phrases, or paragraphs. This not only slows the reading, but also reduces the digestibility of information.
  • Form a habit instantly, extract only relevant and useful information, mentally cutting off the rest.
  • Expand your field of view. Try to look cover as many words, paragraphs.
  • Learn to read surface — to view only the important parts of the text.


If there is no desire or ability to master the technique of speed reading on your own, you can enlist the help of professionals who teach it in workshops and courses.

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