How to learn to respect themselves?

Как научиться себя уважать?

Many people just don’t know how to learn to respect themselves, but still worth to solve this problem, because if not attend to it, soon you can understand that neither a career nor a personal relationship simply does not add up.

How to learn to respect and appreciate?

The problem of self-discovery and building relations with others engaged in such a science as psychology. So, for starters, let’s look at what the methods offered by experts.

So, psychology says that to understand how to learn to respect myself, not easy, but possible. One must be aware of what personal qualities hinder the person feel «better than others». It is possible that you will realize that the complex arose because of real or imagined defects of appearance, maybe due to the fact that you are not able to keep up with the conversation. When a problem is detected, you can proceed to its solution. Just don’t try to fix all the flaws immediately, talk to a close person, whether «this factor» makes you feel happy and confident. It is possible that you are simply «picking on» to itself and does not need to «drop 10 pounds» or «recolour hair».

The second step to how to start respecting yourself and stop shy is a process such as awareness of own strengths. Experts recommend to make a list of their achievements. In this list you can make absolutely everything, and a rare eye color, and the ability to cook a «perfect» omelet, and even that is in the 5th grade was received the award for best picture. Do not think that it is not necessary to list all sorts of «nonsense», such a concept in psychology just yet. Try to understand that what you consider «minor» for another person may be the subject of envy.

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