Psychosis – symptoms and signs

Психоз – симптомы и признаки

Psychosis – mental disorder or abnormal state of mind. Its development is influenced by internal and external factors. The most common causes include heredity, taking certain medications, illness, injuries, hormonal disorders. The symptoms and signs of psychosis manifest themselves in combination, defining an overall picture of the disease.

The symptoms of acute psychosis


  • Hallucinations, both auditory and visual, visual, and tactile.
  • The delirium, not amenable to correction.
  • Inadequate perception of others and yourself.
  • Inappropriate behavior and emotions.
  • The disorganization and incoherence of speech.


Symptoms of depressive psychosis

This disease affects the brain and psychological manifestations are external side of the disease. Depression develops gradually, and often she was exposed to educated people, with high moral attitudes. It is so:

  • first there is a pathological depressed mood. People are constantly digging in their faults and shortcomings, he misses and falls apart, but not crying;
  • the symptoms of psychosis among women as well as men connected with psychological retardation. Deteriorating response, memory and thinking. The person loses interest in life;
  • observed physical retardation. Due to poor appetite is decline of body weight. Movements are slowed gait becomes unstable.

Severe depressive psychosis cause the fall of man into a stupor. He can sit for long periods motionless, and watch. People in this state, as a rule, insensitive to pain, they get up early, eat poorly, suffer from constipation and dehydration. All these symptoms are a factor that indicates that the patient should immediately see a doctor.

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