How to believe in myself and gain confidence?

Как поверить в себя и обрести уверенность?

Rare to meet people who are very confident in themselves and their abilities. The most inherent fears, some complexes and prohibitions that do not allow them to develop fully, to realize their full potential. Many would like to know how to believe in themselves and gain confidence, because it would open up new possibilities to them.

How to believe in your own strength?


  • In the first place, not to conduct comparisons and Parallels with other people and understand that each person is unique and each has its own merits and disadvantages. You need to praise yourself for every small success, every tiny victory and try next time to make it even better.
  • However, many just hard to start. They are afraid that not cope, fear that will badly. For those interested in how to believe in themselves again, it is not necessary to treat the forthcoming cause too seriously. Indeed, the world will not collapse if it fails, humanity will not perish, etc. Realizing that the future enterprise is not too terrible, it is easier to calm down, relax and start, finally, to the case.
  • If you are going to do something, especially what needs to be done for the first time, would be nice to be prepared. Familiar with all aspects of the enterprise, its objective and consequences. For example, if you are going to speak to the audience, it’s good to learn a report, to prepare for possible questions and then she would feel much more confident.
  • Not knowing how to believe in yourself and start living, should you choose a deal to their liking. Indeed, no inclination to the law it is difficult to become a good lawyer. Really evaluating himself and shouldering the burden on forces, you can count on success and recognition, become what was destined. And the main thing – to act, because inaction begets despondency and disbelief, and they need to be eradicated.


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