How to fix headphone connector and, if one doesn’t work or a broken wire

Every person has headphones and not alone. Purchased for different purposes, for home use or painful journeys in the metro, expensive or cheap, they have one drawback – break. Familiar with the situation when the wire frays, one earphone does not work, there are rattles and noises. The problem really be addressed. This article will tell you how to fix headphone own hands, extending their service life.

Repair headphones with their hands

If the headphones fail to work, the sound disappears or changes, do not rush to the service center. Repair their own hands is real. First you need to determine why the headphones don’t work. Breakage often occurs due to the fact that the wires are bent and violated their conductive cores. A headphone Nokia. Then the wire you need to cut, strip and solder. To buy a soldering iron and tin get in the store.

Prepare the pliers and wire cutters for processing wire headphones. If you want to ring for damage, you will need a multimeter. You will need to buy a plug or connector, if you suspect that will need to be replaced, or if the headphones are torn. Will come in handy with glue and scissors. Glue is desirable to select elastic for the plug and quick-drying. If one or both headphones receive the noise, and then the sound disappears altogether, this means an internal broken wire.

There are other reasons why you don’t work headphones. The droplets of the closed acoustic type may occur clogging of the channel. In such devices, the diaphragm and the channel separated by a metal grid, which can become contaminated. A symptom of such damage is the lack of sound when the safety wire. Earphone disassemble and clean with alcohol. If there is a bounce, it indicates damage of the membrane. Open the device and inspect it. If the membrane is damaged or wrinkled, try straightening. If it is dirt – rinse with alcohol.

How to fix headphones without soldering? Without it we may not be making reliable contact. Twisting the wires, you will get the headphones to work, but without soldering the repair will be unreliable, and soon favorite accessory will again stop working, forcing you to spend money on buying a new one.


It is believed that headphones Koss Porta Pro difficult to self repair, but it is possible if you follow clear instructions. How to fix earphone Apple? The Troubleshooting here will be easier. Headphones they are attached to the glue. Remove the grey rubber head earphone or we’ll kick the seam gluing. Finding damage, trim, cleaning the damaged wire, solder in place.

How to disassemble the headphones

For repair of larger headphones will have to use the screwdriver to Unscrew the screws. Headphones medium size are well hidden latch. «Drip» headphones, usually just glued together. Disassemble them actually using the blade or slightly squeezing the headphones in the grip, in this case, the entire load will have on the glueing line.

How to fix the plug

Breakage of the plug at the end of the headphone wire is a common problem. It leads to the fact that the accessory will be noise, a wheezing and crackling that signals that the broken conductive lived. If you want to repair headphone plug, keep in mind some points. It can be covered with a solid plastic shell or be a molded hard form, covered by a rubber cap, which when repair shrinks, or is carefully cut.

To cracked casting, have to use pliers, then you have access to the connector contacts. Inspect the wires, locate the fracture and gently podaite. Because you have to remove the plastic parts, there may be empty seats, which is better to pour fast setting epoxy glue. The design itself wrap synthetic thread for greater strength. Note that the problems with the plug often headsets AKG.

Connector repair

You have already figured out how to fix the earpiece, however, there are also problems with the connector? Return to the last working condition will require the availability of some parts, which is better not to save. Although there are global standards, their mounting on the Board can vary considerably. Common is the input of 3.5 mm. It is found in most modern music players, mobile phones, laptops, computers. In case of breakage of the connector have a chance to buy it in special electronic stores and replace it yourself.

Repair wire

Needs mending wire? Then find a place where there was a gap. Sometimes fails to notice immediately. In this case, you need to turn the sound on and bend the wire in different places to understand where the problem occurred. Then you need to cut off the damaged part down to the plug. Cleaning the ends on the wire to be connected to the damaged, put at the end of one of them «dope». Zheludev and ground, you should solder them. If the sound is recovered, then slide the «plastic tube» and podpravit on both sides, protecting the junction. The same procedure, if the wire broke.

The cable may have been damaged and near the headphones themselves. In this case, one of them will fail or will change the volume. There is a chance that will not work immediately from both speakers. If this occurred, the wire cut close to the body, open, note the distribution of wires, strip, saladita, solder. Before closing the headset, check the sound, even a weak violation of the fragile contact or soldering can result in noise, trescom.

With microphone for phone

All headphones have the same structure, with the only difference that is added to some microphone or volume control. Problems that may arise from them, are the same as those of conventional devices. The wire may be damaged, leaning, then you need to determine where it happened. Sometimes the wire is stretched, then you need to inspect it to reduce the thickness.

Then the wire should be cut and trimmed where it was damaged. Sharp blade to gently make an incision around the wire. Themselves the conductive wires must be protected from the varnish by holding them over a flame. The wire is recommended to place a small piece of «Cambria» for the subsequent establishment of additional protection. Then you need carefully to tin and solder the wires.

To prevent contact, use a bit of electrical tape. After that, move the «plastic tube» and zaplovite. If the quality of MIC record worsened, there was a noise or interference, it may mean that the microphone head is clogged, it could get dust. It is necessary to moisten the cotton with alcohol and gently wipe the microphone, cleaning the dirt. Make sure that it was not fabric fibers.


In case of breach of contact on the plug or speaker will not even need to re-strip wires. Dismantling the case to access the performance, or on opening the shell of the connector, you should solder the injury. If the malfunction is caused by physical damage to the dynamics, resulting in disruption of the membrane will have to find a new one and put it in place failed. Find out how much it costs, and order the speaker at the service centers, or look in the Internet space.


The repair is made by replacement of the buildings. Carefully reviewing the device to avoid damage to the membrane, prepare a new shell. Tighten the wire in a knot, strip, treat. Heat them with a soldering iron to remove the old varnish. If you choose to use speakers from different pairs of headphones, it is recommended to measure their resistance, to avoid differences in sound and volume. Solder wire, close the case, then prepare to enjoy your music.

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These stories will tell you how to cope with a broken ear favorite accessory and how to disassemble Beats headphones if they are broken, repair is not subject, and to see what’s inside, want. You can amuse yourself and figure out the original monster Beats you bought, or fake, and still accommodate small speakers mini speakers. After all, a pity to throw it if possible for something else to adjust the thing.

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