Ointments from bruises and contusions, edema and hematomas in children: best

Trouble in the form of bruises happen unexpectedly, at inopportune moments. When they are hidden under clothing – it’s not so bad, much worse if the bruise appeared on the open area of the body. Doctors confirm: high location on the body bruises to heal faster than those that are below the heart. In the situation with the traces of injury will come to the rescue ointment from bruises and bruises. Women’s skin is softer than men’s, because bruises, abrasions heal longer. However, remedies for getting rid of bruises and other consequences of bruises, there, and they are effective.

Types of ointments from bruises and hematomas

To know what helps with bruises, obtained under different circumstances, will help the information presented below. What types of injuries it is better to apply a particular drug? What to choose from the extensive list? The majority of health funds in the form of ointments from bruises and bruises are aimed at resolving traumas, relieve inflammation, pain relief, restoration of damaged skin tissues. Among leading funds, it should be noted heparin ointment and ointment Vishnevsky, Thai and.., «Lifeguard», «Tinakoff», other.

From severe injuries

In a person’s life often accompany bruises – sports injuries, and everyday. Even if the impact is not formed bruising, discomfort at the site of injury prevents the normal flow of life. In this situation, the ointment from severe injuries «Analges», «Fastum gel» or «Diclofenac» will have anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect. To avoid internal congestion, seals, a few days of application, use warming ointment «Finalgon».

From sprains

Contusions, dislocations lie in wait for people at any time of the year. To twist an ankle, dislocate a joint of the arm you can, playing volleyball on the beach or podsolnushki on ice. To straighten the joint will a qualified doctor. He will prescribe an ointment for the quick return to active life. In the home first aid kit always keep a heparin ointment, «Lioton 1000» or «Dolobene». In the acute painful period will help the ointment «Natalyn», «Ketonal» or «Ben-Gay». To relieve the inflammation in the shortest time possible, use a compress with Vishnevsky ointment.


For resorption of hematomas

  • Gel «Badyaga Forte» containing freshwater sponge was an effective tool for the rapid resorption of hematomas.
  • Among the fans of mobile rest popular balm «Rescuer» – a storehouse of natural biologically active substances.
  • The «Bruise-Off» (the ointment with a matte effect or gel) due to the presence of the leech extract quickly relieves edema, does not stain clothes and masks the site of injury.
  • One of the leading homeopathic medicines in this direction –anti-bruising Traumeel and Arnica. Apply them immediately after the kick to quickly reach the goal.

Absorbable sealing after injury

The seal may not be long, sometimes up to several months if a bruise, and the bruise is deep in the muscle. In such cases, the doctor appoints warming up procedures, special absorbable ointment, such as «Lioton», «Caffeine», gel «Rescuer». Vishnevsky ointment, despite the unpleasant odor, as a remedy for bruises and hematomas works perfectly.


Ointments and gels, with cooling effect, help to relieve swelling and fight against early possible inflammation in bruises and injuries. For example, Thai green ointment balm includes about hundreds of components, extracts of herbs and wild vines. RUB don’t need to avoid damage to the skin surface. The feeling of coolness and relief is felt immediately after application. The same effect gives gel «deep relief» which is often used for pain in the ligaments, bruises not only arms, legs, and back.

Than to anoint the bruise

Bluish discoloration of the skin occurs on any location of the body, including the face. If not to interfere in the healing process, the bruising can last up to two weeks, gradually changing color from blue to purple and greenish-yellow. How to quickly get rid of the bruise and speed up the process of anesthesia? Take a mental note of the recommendations given below.

To quickly passed

The most unpleasant is considered to be the bruises on his face. How to remove dark circles under the eyes, where the skin has a delicate structure? Cooling using Thai balm will help you narrow down your capillaries will not allow you to spread the bruise further. If you use cream «Rescuer», the product will remove swelling and reduce the decay time of a bruise at times.

After injections

Bruises don’t always appear the consequence of the blows. Sometimes the incompetence of the healthcare worker during procedures lead to the appearance of blue spots at the injection site and seals. What to do in such cases, the bruise is not moved to the stage of sepsis? Absorbable ointment «Heparin», «Troxerutin», «Troxevazina» to help cope with uncomfortable problem. Best ointment for bruises quickly takes away the pain and cyanosis.


Children actively moving, often acquire scratches and bruises. In the rush to help the child, the question arises – is there a children ointment from bruises and hematomas, which Povolit them to pass quickly? Starting from 6 months you can apply 2% ointment «Caffeine», gel «Tinakoff». Balsam «Lifeguard» there are two types:

  • baby used from birth;
  • a normal, which is used for babies from years.

The students relieve bruises ointment «Dolobene», only spread a thin layer and avoid contact with mucous membranes. If the son or daughter is prone to allergic reactions, the product can cause itching or burning sensation. This signal should alert you. Once the child feel uncomfortable, immediately clean the surface of the skin from the gel, otherwise you will have to cure the symptoms of allergies.

Video about the treatment of hematomas

To exclude completely the possibility of bruising is unrealistic, but there are ways to speed up the healing process twice, referred to in the proposed video. The sequence in which to use the cold acting on the destroyed vessels, when to use the heating ointment from bruises and ugly bruises, the powder badyagi pharmacy – all this you will find in the video. Information about how the bruising responds to the correct procedure from the point of view of medicine would be useful and interesting to all. How to use the ointments from bruises and bruises? See video:


Lila, 44 years: Increased fragility of vessels causes extra trouble – the bruises that used to take place quickly, now holding 10-14 days. Remembering the good old tool that was use.., making compresses out of it. The effect is. Bruises, and if there by themselves, I know how to remove them in a week.

Stanislav, 21 years: Deal with adolescence. No bruises in the fight has repeatedly failed to do. I know that the best ointment is called heparin, use it for a long time. In whatever place I got a bruise on the knee, on the face, on the torso in the rib area – this tool always save, so I always carry it with me. It is an effective remedy for bruises!

Valeria, 24 years: Until became a mother, had no idea how often children fall, get bruises, abrasions. My home first aid kit has a permanent residence gel «Rescuer». It justifies its name – fast heals, removes the tumor from blows, bruises dissipate faster.

Tatlana, 40 years: Working for many years as a nurse, you know how important it is after the injection did not leave traces in the form of a bruise. But sometimes the condition of the skin and blood vessels do not allow to show their professionalism. I advise such patients to use the ointment «Caffeine», which, based on experience, it helps to remove a bruise and stop the inflammation.


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