Deodorant for feet: spray and cream Deo Control from odor and sweating

The feeling of freshness depends on day, mood, productivity of its labor. An irritant in the form of unpleasant foot odor causes discomfort in the rest, preventing work. To get rid of the «hard» fragrances, cosmetic companies in the world offer as an assistant to a deodorant for the feet. Beautiful jars, dispensers and tools – what are the secrets behind them, are they useful? For the selection of the right tools, you should examine their types and specific features.

Remedies for foot odor and sweating

Unpleasant foot odor is primarily related to the fungus that spreads in a damp environment. Perspiration is a favorable environment for the development of fungal infections. Modern treatments for foot odor have a refreshing effect and regulate the quantity of allocated sweat. Deodorant athlete’s foot was established to implement the main task – to prevent the appearance of unpleasant «aroma», to allow the person to enjoy comfort in all seasons.

Whatever you view of the deodorant choose, the effectiveness depends on correct application of funds. For all funds the correct use of relatively identical:

  1. Purity. Selected apply a spray, a cream, an antiperspirant only on a clean, thoroughly dried skin. The best time to use – after taking a shower.
  2. The paint remover. Be sure to let the skin to relax. Means of sweat covers your skin with invisible film which needs to be washed off when you return home or the evening.
  3. Check. Before you apply for the protection of the whole foot, make sure components are not allergic to you. On a small area of the skin apply, observe. 15 minutes passed, and the reaction of the skin no? Great, use!

To achieve the maximum effect of purification of the feet from sweat and odor, deodorant for sweaty feet and deodorant for shoes combine. The disinfectant effect is created by several kinds of deodorants. Among them are:

  1. The antiperspirant. Is suitable for almost all people, not causing allergic reactions. The main task – to prevent sweating without causing irritation.
  2. Masking deodorant. Partially hides the unpleasant smell of feet, but the cause – sweating – do not resolve.
  3. Therapeutic deodorant from sweat. Prevent the increase of fungus, bacteria.
  4. Spray for feet from sweat and odor. The feeling of freshness will remain for a long time. Most suitable for people who have the amount allocated to the small sweat, and the smell is sharp and strong.
  5. Creams from sweat and foot odor. Used in the case of the average amount of sweat and a faint odor.
  6. Talc. This tool is ideal for severe sweating and mild odors.


Cooling spray

The relevance of deodorant from the smell of sweat of this type acquire in hot weather. The cooling spray reduces perspiration, fatigue, strong unpleasant «aroma». The cooling effect will give the feet extra relaxation and comfort. Minus: need a spray at the end of the day or as you get home rinse that many people forget to do. The skin needs rest even after a very good remedy.


The gels possess excellent disinfectant properties: remove all excess bacteria. Owing to this, unpleasant odors, excessive sweating are. Through proper application means operates for a long period of time. Economical in use – another plus. Disadvantage of gel is that too often put it is impossible, strongly dries the skin, that negatively affects her.


The foot spray is the most convenient way to prevent or eliminate the problem of sweat, excessive aroma from the foot. Used preventatively against fungal diseases of the skin. This tool is easy to carry in your bag and spray as needed. The skin soft. Minus – the price high quality antiperspirant, so be prepared to shell out a bigger amount. The result is great, foot odor does not bother you.

Cream deodorant

Using the cream regularly, you will increase the effectiveness of the product. Your skin is protected: foot cream rarely include alcohol, which dry the skin. Deodorizing additives in it not too much so and the stifling aroma coming from a feet. Grabs a jar of cream for a long time, a year of use is provided. Negative – this deodorant too excessively sweating feet is not ideal, the impact is effective for the minimum, average vydelennoi sweat and not too bright «flavor».

What deodorant helps

Closed and uncomfortable shoes, too high temperature environment for the feet, fungal and germicidal manifestation – the reasons to buy a deodorant for the feet. The right choice of deodorant depends on the cause: sweating, unwanted odors, skin diseases. The nature and causes of problems determine the most optimal view of the means. These include different deodorants:

  • masking the smell;
  • reduce sweating;
  • medicinal purposes;
  • means for shoes.

From the smell

Avon (Avon) Foot works. Spray with a light, unobtrusive scent in the bottle volume of 100 ml. On a choice two variants of the compositions of scents: «Citrus and mint» or «Juicy lime». The cooling effect combined with relaxing effect, helping to remove sharp tangs. Perfect for hot weather. A convenient deodorant because the bottle is small, convenient, practical even for small handbags.

The Oriflame Reviving Foot Spray. Deodorant for tired feet at a modest price. Oriflame produces anti high potootdeleniu, but this spray is popular among the buyers the most. All thanks to its specific properties: unobtrusive fresh fragrance, antibacterial effect, deodorizing effect and lightness, neosocket on the skin. The spread of odor is blocked by the extracts of peppermint and eucalyptus that leaves your feet fresh and pleasant sensation for a long time. Sprayed the product on the foot, on the inner part of the Shoe.

Sweat and excessive sweating

Deo Control Rexona. Cheap and cheerful, and very effective. Gel Deo control will eliminate the bad scent and its cause: harmful bacteria. In the main part of deo control for feet include: propylene glycol, allantoin, cyclomethicone. All of these components preserve the structure of the funds, softly stimulate the skin, making it soft, tender and moist. Due to the special substance for Reach, the process of preserving the skin clean is a long.

Scholl «Fresh Step». Antiperspirant is not cheap, but very economical means: lasts a long time. Unscented deodorant, his goal is to kill the nasty flavor and to eliminate. The composition of antiperspirant aims at eliminating harmful bacteria that cause stale flavor. The deodorant possesses antifungal activity, proved to be gentle on your skin. Manufacturers say in the manual pay special attention to the use of funds by patients with diabetes: for such people the tool does not harm.

For shoes

Gevol (GEHWOL FUB + SCHUH DEO). The German deodorant, suitable for daily care of feet and footwear. Throughout the day your skin from nasty odors is protected by ricinoleates of zinc, and from fungus – triclosan. The composition can be used as a means of protection in the sauna, the pool or the beach. To spray spray it is necessary in shoes in the morning or in the evening. As for the legs, we need to handle not only the feet but also between your toes. Combining two ways of processing, you will receive a long-awaited ease and comfort.

Video about remedies for foot odor and sweating

How to use deodorant

Proper foot care is not only washing them on arrival home. Need to know how to wash them without harming the skin. Often use of deodorant for well-groomed feet it is a necessary procedure. What to choose for a male or female body? The effectiveness of the deodorant depends on the causes of odor and perspiration. Watch the video, pick and use the tool correctly!

Feedback on the results of the application of

Irina, 25 years: Last summer, much began to sweat legs. If this was more or less indifferent to me, even though guests don’t go. Bought Scholl, very much, but enough of one bottle for a while. Spray for such purposes is not just hides the smell from feet, and disinfects the skin, adds energy.

Nikolay, 18 years old: I Wanted to ask for help in the pharmacy, his legs too much sweating in the sneakers. Advised gevol, decided to try. Sprayed the deodorant on feet, in shoes. All excellent, no flaws found, used as recommended every day, but the evening was washed away with plain soap.

Olga, 37 years: my husband Bought means Feet Up, manufacturer of Oriflame. If you want to eliminate the cause – the tool will not work, it rather interrupts the smell of sweat, and not particularly long. If the shoes are not made of natural materials, it hardly helps. For men with excessively sweating feet is not recommended.


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