Elevated lymphocytes in the blood of the adult and child: what does it say

What is the lymphocytes in the blood? It is a variety of leukocytes (white blood cells), which are formed in the bone marrow and lymph nodes (lymphoblasts), react to the appearance of infectious virus in the body, are responsible for the immune system, as well as monocytes. Elevated lymphocytes in the transcript can tell you about those changes that occur in the body. There are several kinds and forms of lymphocytes. Their rate will be different depending on the age of the patient. Find out more as it may affect the human condition, the growth rate of lymphocytes.

Types of lymphocytes and their forms

Lymphocytes are responsible for the destruction of sick, infected cells present in the blood. Due to the fact that the lymphocytes in pure form can exist only for a few days, then they are redistributed into subgroups responsible for different functions. The division occurs for B-lymphocytes, T-lymphocytes and NK-lymphocytes. The existence Of lymphocytes has already been proven, but has been little studied. Learn more about how they differ:

  1. B-lymphocytes. Very important cells throughout the immune system of the human body, have 10-15% of the total composition of lymphocytes. Requisitions once the disease-causing virus, B-lymphocytes are able to memorize it. Due to this quality there is the possibility to carry out vaccination, which gives a chance to prevent the disease to have devastating influence.
  2. T-lymphocytes. The biggest content view – to 80%, divided into subgroups of T-lymphocytes: killer, helperov, suppressors. During the suppression of pathogenic bacteria each of these subgroups is responsible for their area of work: T-killer cells find and destroy alien cells, T helper cells support the activity of killer cells through secreted substances, T — suppressor ensure that aliens were destroyed only harmful bacteria, but the attack on them did not turn into death’s own cells.
  3. NK-lymphocytes. NK – natural killer, averaging 5-10% of the total number of lymphocytes, which entrusted a very important plot to destroy cells of its own body, who for various reasons have been exposed. The fight against tumor cells, including cancer, depends on the health of NK-lymphocytes.


The oscillation in the direction of increasing absolute index of lymphocytes of the blood are noted, if a person is sick with whooping cough, chickenpox, acute viral hepatitis, scarlet fever. Acute infection, once ingested, causes a spike in the number of blood lymphocytes. Absolute lymphocytosis is a characteristic indicator for tuberculosis, hyperthyroidism, when the thyroid glands work in enhanced mode. The content of the absolute indicator is expressed as *109/ liter.



Much more common relative lymphocytosis, which takes into account a percentage of the normal content of lymphocytes. Deciphering blood test % will be increased if it is anticipated influenza (acute viral infection), chronic inflammatory processes, the General decrease of immunity and body resistance after suffering starvation or preventive vaccinations.

The limits of physiological norms

As already mentioned above, different age groups have their own normative indicators of lymphocytes. The same values that are the lymphocytes, will be above the norm for one person, for a child this would be considered the norm. Passing the clinical analysis of blood, the result, the patient receives the transcript by reference to the normal values, which may be adjusted, on the basis of age, other factors.

Drawing attention to the indicators of sedimentation rate, red blood cell count (haemoglobin) you will be able to confirm or refute the hypothesis of the doctor, occurs whether the inflammatory process in the body. The following table, which lists the permissible limits (all other lymphocytes above normal, or below, slightly or Vice versa), will help the self-understanding of quantitative values and the possible reasons for this. Indicators of increased lymphocytes alarming, but the final verdict will be given only by a doctor.

The age of the patient Absolute value (x 109/ l) Relative value (%)
Up to 1 year 3-10 50-70
1-4 2-9 35-58
5-10 years 1,5-6,5 32-50
10-17 years 1,2-5,0 30-40
Adult, over the age of 18 1,0-4,6 20-35

Causes of lymphocytosis

When detected in the blood lymphocytes of a lot, you need to pass additional tests prescribed by the doctor to identify the cause of these indicators. A surge in lymphocyte increase and decrease the indicators of neutrophil, which means inflammatory process, which may have not manifested itself outwardly. The lowered immunity becomes a harbinger of disease of lymphocytosis. In children and in adults causes may overlap or be diametrically different.


An adult (man or woman) has a lot of blood in the blood if the test had poor health. Better to have control of the fence after a while, which will determine the doctor, when will improve the patient’s condition. Often in adults lymphocytosis appears on the background of infectious diseases, but there may be other reasons:

  • large blood loss or transfusion;
  • some mental and nervous disorders;
  • insufficient amounts of vitamin B 12;
  • abuse dieting or fasting;
  • medical drugs that can alter blood as a side effect;
  • substance abuse, alcohol, tobacco products;
  • purulent processes taking place in the body, segmented infiltration;
  • the presence of viral hepatitis C, AIDS, SARS;
  • infectious diseases, as syphilis, tuberculosis.

The child

Norma leukocytes in the blood in children should initially be higher on indexes than on adults. From birth, the results of the analysis of infants are values for an adult would be maxed at several times. During the growth of norm of percent relative and absolute values are gradually reduced, but in Pediatrics there are cases, when the state of the baby need to closely monitor if the identified plasmatization lymphocytes, especially if he has the symptoms:

  • arsenic poisoning or lead;
  • medication narcotic effect;
  • weak, underdeveloped immune system, frequent exposure to disease;
  • ultraviolet burns acquired after long stay under sun rays;
  • the lack of fresh air, overwork, heavy loads.

Treatment for high levels of lymphocytes in the blood

Any disease, including those associated with changes in the blood composition, it is better to warn. Lymphocytosis is not so much a disease as the indication that in the body there are unpleasant changes. Doctor, knows the reason for increased level of lymphocytes, may prescribe antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medication, aimed at the destruction of the source of the disease.

To lower the number of lymphocytes will help prevention aimed at strengthening the immune system. To folk remedies include hardening, moderate exercise. Myeloma, blood cancer (leukemia) requires a more complex approach to treatment, requiring the appointment of several stages of chemotherapy or bone marrow transplantation. For the production of such complex diagnoses need to undergo additional tests.

What if lymphocytes is increased in pregnant women

Pregnant women registered at an obstetrician-gynecologist, should have regular urine and blood. Any deviation from the norm, the physician should take all measures to save the fetus. Particularly elevated levels of lymphocytes threat in the first half of pregnancy. If the expectant mother cannot produce the needed amount of T-suppressors, the white blood cells will get inside the uterus and trigger miscarriage. Strictly following the treatment, the appointment of a gynecologist, even with high rates of lymphocytes have the ability to save the life of the baby.

Video: what do elevated lymphocytes (Elena Malysheva)

The human body is so arranged that every cell in it something is responsible. Lymphocytes (white blood cells) detect viruses, representatives of infection, fight the source of the disease. The video with the medical transfer will help to understand where is the line when lymphocytes are sentinels for the health and when they become «traitors». Shows visual examples of the disease are available to explain the causes of the excess of lymphocytes in the blood and what could face untimely treatment.


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