Face cream with retinol: product names in the pharmacy

What woman does not want to prolong their youth and stay beautiful longer? Wants any. Here in the course are all inconceivable means, study the shelves in the drugstores and cosmetics departments offering professional face cream. Special attention is given retinol in cosmetics. This vitamin was opened in the beginning of the last century and was discovered as one of the first, according to the alphabet, was named vitamin a Cream with retinol – a lifesaver for aging skin. Take your time to feel the first results!

The retinol in the cream

Beauticians have increased their use retinol in cosmetics. Revealed its regenerative function, antioxidant quality, active collagen production, stimulation of fibroblast growth, strong resistance to photodegradation, invigorating properties of capillaries. Now, how useful vitamin A. Thanks to the active division of cells use vitamin A repairs damaged skin.

Since retinol for face is unstable, then the application needs to be pauses. In order to avoid unintended allergic reactions, before applying be sure to do a placement test on the wrist. Immediately after application you should avoid direct sunlight – there is an unexpected likelihood of getting sunburn. It is better to apply it before going to bed.

What cream to buy at the pharmacy

When choosing a cream with retinol at the pharmacy, pay attention to packaging: it must not transmit light, must have a spout or be in capsules. Age category, which is recommended to use retinol for wrinkles – it’s about forty years. Cosmetics to combat acne is also contains retinol, but in small quantities, recommended for young generation.


A huge number of manufacturers ready to fill the consumer basket of buyers using a variety of means with the content of retinol, but among these names it is important not to get confused and choose the budget option. Decently close to foreign producers presents a range of Russian production. The most democratic price of about two hundred rubles. This retinoic ointment. Important not to forget about the instructions.


Apply face cream with retinol to gently and carefully. Do not start immediately with high content of retinol. Well-proven anti-aging products «Rock», «Vichy». In their composition there is hyaluronic acid that penetrates into deep layers of the derma, moisturizes the skin, tightens facial contours. Means «Vichy» shower is designed specifically for deep wrinkles. The product line represented as day and night cream.

From acne

Successfully used retinol for skin of teenagers. The most popular acne cream contains tretinoin, which effectively affects acne: exfoliate the damaged stratum corneum of the epidermis, tightens pores, has antibacterial effect, devastates comedones ripening. As a result, a few weeks after the initial application of ointment with tretinoin, you don’t recognize my reflection!


The Polish producer of «Pani Walewska» launched a line of care products with retinol to rejuvenate, smooth the skin. In addition to the vitamin a cream contains auxiliary substances which favour the penetration of retinol into the deeper layers of the skin, which occurs due to active production of collagen, fibroblasts. Means on care of a face «Pani Walewska» are popular and inexpensive face creams with retinol.

Video about pharmacy creams with retinol

Information combined with a video is better received and absorbed if it is new for you. Viewing the video stories about pharmacy creams with retinol, you will learn how to use these tools, what to look out for, to aspire to, with what concentrations to begin your personal process of rejuvenation and regeneration.

Cosmetics with retinoids

Derivatives of vitamin A are retinoids, existing in several forms. Some of them, such as tretinoin, actively struggling with acne, others like isotretinoin and adapalene, effectively smooth wrinkles. Compounds of retinoids, such as retinol acetate, stimulate cell division, trigger regenerative processes. Applying a cream with a retinoid, do not forget about caution, because all retinoids are very powerful tools. It is better to apply these funds once every three days.

Eye cream

The skin around the eyes has high sensitivity and at high concentration of retinol face redness, itching, peeling. For gentle effect it is more expedient to start the treatment with 0.025% retinol, and preferably in winter when solar activity is markedly reduced. Once the skin gets used, the recommended dose increase to 0.5%.

Feedback on the results of the application of

Lydia, 52 years: Few months ago bought a night cream from Vichy Lift Activ Retinol. The first time after application on the cheeks were a little red, but after a time, the skin somehow got used and I’m quite happy with the result. I started with once a week, and now less than three times does not smear. Nobody gives me my 52 years!

Oksana, 39 years old: Bought for the summer Belarusian cream with retinol «bielita-Vitex». It turned out very even nothing! At first the texture seemed very thick, but for my dry skin everything fits. The price is nice, protection from solar activity is present, the face is fresh, smooth. I recommend!

Paulina, 45 years: Since 15 years am suffering from skin rashes. I have tried this year! And (a miracle) found, finally, the tretinoin in the composition of the gel. Flaky at first very much, but now even tonalka is not in use. Face smooth, fresh, soft skin. There are no pimples. Just super!


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