Pants slimming with effect of a sauna: how to choose the best pants

In the modern world women who dream to quickly and effortlessly get rid of unwanted weight, increasingly buy special pants for weight loss. The product can not only help in reducing volume, but also make the skin smooth. It is promised that «normal pants» in General will improve the physical condition of the body. Special slimming clothing buy not only women but also men.

Varieties and the principle of the pants for weight loss

The increased temperature that occurs around the body, effectively fights with excess weight. Such an increase of heat can be achieved by natural (bath, hot summers) or by artificial means. To artificially create a greenhouse effect possible – by using clothes for weight loss. The principle of operation of such clothing is that adhering tightly to the skin, breeches slimming help soft micro fabric. Sauna effect helps the removal of harmful substances together with sweat secretions.

Neoprene models with sauna effect

Special material for pants with a slimming effect – neoprene. Its structure in the form of a grid makes it easier for oxygen to penetrate the skin. The material adhering to the body, massaging the problem areas of the body and enhances the effect of wearing trousers. In appearance neoprene models resemble rubber pants. Lingerie for slimming sauna leg fits tight and slightly restricts movement. In this useful article of clothing perfectly breaks even inveterate fat deposits, eliminating toxins and excess lipids.

With compression effect

People who are professionally engaged in sport, often used compression garments in order to avoid the development of varicose disease. When choosing this garment, please note: the fibers of the product needs to be twisted in a special way. Pressure should decrease in the direction from the bottom up, gradually. Anti-cellulite compression slimming pants combines several effects:

  • stimulate weight loss;
  • support muscle;
  • tone the skin;
  • reduce the risk of injury;
  • bring the liquid;
  • stimulate lymphatic drainage, metabolism.


With micro-massage

Slimming pants thanks to the micro massage can enhance the effect of exercises. The result of training is achieved due to the special production technology that creates under the cloth of the trousers microfauna. When moving the product, strongly presses down on the muscles. There is a state similar to being in a sauna due to the ability of the fibers of the threads to distribute the load. In addition some models have an inner uneven surface, which increases the massaging effect.

Infrared pants with the radiation source

Yet another excellent option that can help in the fight against the hated kilograms – infrared pants. Inside of these products are sources of radiation that contribute to the warming up of the body, increase metabolism and improve blood circulation. Such heat is more effective action of the sauna several times. Experts advise to obtain the effect to apply infrared pants a course of 15 procedures.

How to choose and wear the pants men and women

Sports shorts, pants and other garments for weight loss today I offer to buy by many manufacturers. To enjoy the beautiful figure, you need to choose comfortable underwear with maximum corrective effect. From the variety of sizes, manufacturers and models, the buyer must choose those that will suit him in all respects:

  • Size. The best option is to buy pants a size smaller than its present.
  • Material. As a rule, the slimming pants are produced from nylon or lycra, also includes elastane, polyamide, neoprene and cotton.
  • Height. To determine corrective underwear, you need to know with what clothes you will wear. Under the dress, choose a set of clothes with high waist, skirt/pants, a product with low-slung.
  • Seams. Easier to hide under clothing underwear, in which few joints. Modern technology now produce slimming shorts without seams.
  • Price. Pants, slimming shorts low cost, as a rule, cannot be of good quality.

An overview of the known trousers manufacturers

There are many companies that are engaged in the production of pants, shorts, and pants with a sauna effect. Manufacturers offer to use their products both in life and in training. Slimming pants can be worn for a walk or work beneath ordinary clothes or to study. Easy to do housework and play sports. The most popular manufacturers of trousers for slimming is:

  • Hot shapers;
  • Artemis;
  • Gezanne;
  • Volcano (Vulkan);
  • Lytess.

Volcano (vulkan)

The volcano is famous in Taiwan firm that produces pants with a thermal effect for quick weight loss. In its composition the pants turbo slimming contain multilayered materials: termosel, neoprene, nylon, spandex, cotton. Among the products include women’s and men’s trousers. Corrective action clothes the Volcano is based on the sauna effect, performed in parallel, the micro-massage the skin, creating an obstacle to the appearance of stretch marks.

Artemis (artemis)

Slimming pants Artemis are manufactured using high quality raw material: 10% nylon, 90 – neoprene. To avoid health complications, doctors are advised to wear thermal pants Artemis not more than three hours a day. The new model of trousers from the company Artemis called delux includes natural cotton. This feature gives the pants extra comfort when wearing.

Shapers hot (hot shapers)

Pants slimming Hot Shapers, due to active advertising, became the most popular clothing purchased specifically for the relief of excess weight. Buying these pants, you will lose weight, without any special effort. Wash Hot, Shapers after each use. Pants this company are made of special material Neotex, has a number of advantages:

  • Pants from neoteks absorb odor and moisture.
  • Eliminates toxins.
  • Wearing pants with no seams that contributes to the excellent fit to the body. This enhances the sauna effect.

Contraindications to the use of

Properties of trousers for «lazy weight loss» not applicable to all. The main contraindications to the use – it:

  • gynecological diseases;
  • kidney disease;
  • pregnancy;
  • dermatological pathology and problems;
  • varicose veins;
  • disorders of the heart.


Feedback on the results of the application of

Irina, 32 years: After birth you gain extra 10 pounds. Watching the ads on the Internet, ordered a Hot, shapers. Comfortable pants, I wear them 3 hours a day, no longer suggest that you may develop varicose veins. For the month significantly decreased volumes in the waist and hips, the pounds until they leave. But I hope that pants will help me cope with the weight in the near future.

Constantine, 36 years: a Month ago I bought myself a pair of shorts with a sauna effect. Do freelance work, can wear at home shapewear for 5 hours. Specially not engaged in sports. Without dieting and effort lost already 6 pounds in a month. Did not expect that simple clothing will help me in the fight against excess weight, but the result pleased me.

Antonina, 27 years: Especially for the day of the wedding decided to lose weight. Day responsible, wanted to look at the proper level. Decide to buy special underwear for slimming. Classes in the gym time simply wasn’t. Wore special pants every day for 4 hours for 3 weeks – took 3 cm in the waist and 6 pounds. Happy with the result.


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