Acrylic paint for painting on canvas and nails: lessons for beginners

A few decades ago in the world of painting new paints based on polyacrylates. Colorful mixture distinguished by the ability to dry quickly, evenly distributed on any surface, not to change shades under the influence of time and take the consistency of a durable coating. Acrylic paint for painting of steel boon not only for artists, but also knitters, representatives of nail fashion, designers. Lessons «How to learn to paint on nails acrylic» are popular, constantly being improved with new techniques.

What is acrylic paint

Substances for staining various surfaces have their own characteristics. The advantages of acrylic is several times higher than other varieties of paints. Its main properties are considered as high elasticity, strength, elimination of cracking, no reaction to changes in humidity and temperature. Painting with acrylics for a long time do not fade and do not fade in the sun.


In a broad sense colorants on the basis of polyacrylates, are a mixture of water, resins and special pigments of various shades. The binder component is a synthetic material called a polymer emulsion. As a result of evaporation of water, the main composition of the substance dries up and turns into a film. A separate kind of liquid is clear acrylic. Such a substance does not have its own color, and contains no coloring pigment and has a wide scope.

Additionally, it consists of:

  • special ingredients that change the effect of the final coating (glossy or matte);
  • auxiliary components (thickeners, emulsifiers, etc.).



Coloring agents based on polyacrylates can be used in combination with any surface – metal, glass, fabric, paper, leather (for applications of leather products). Water resistant base allows you to use them to create abstractions or other decorations on the walls. The main caveat is proper surface preparation (degreasing), and to fix the composition of a varnish or other substances in most cases there is no need.

The main applications of acrylic paint:

  • drawings on paper (to begin mastering techniques with simple songs (rose, chamomile, a few colors), when necessary to carry out the dilution and mixing of paints);
  • paint on wood (creating tracks on a wooden surface, decoration items made of this material, the repetition of the famous techniques, such as Gzhel);
  • the drawings on the fabric (the background can be colored or plain, the quality of colors has a special meaning, it is necessary to use special varieties for fabric);
  • nail design (performance of work carried out by special acrylic paints for nails in conjunction with gel manicure).

Lessons painting with acrylics for beginners in stages

On sale you can find acrylic in several forms and in different packages. The most common options are considered to be paints in tubes or jars. They can be mixed, diluted for ease of application and uniform distribution over the surface. Traditionally, acrylic paint intended for painting, are divided into two categories – student and artistic. The first type is suitable for those who started to learn acrylic.

Painting techniques acrylics on canvas

Learn how to create compositions with acrylic is not difficult. For first experiments it is recommended to use art paint firms «Ladoga» or «Decola». They can be purchased separately or in sets. The range of colors is varied. In the palette there is a standard shades (white, black, red, etc.) and options in gold, silver, with mother of pearl. Wondering how to paint with acrylic paints, it is necessary to understand the basic techniques of working with them.

Basic principles of working with acrylic:

  1. «Wet» (technique for beginners, the dyes are diluted and the surface of the canvas is moistened with warm water).
  2. «Dry» (the patterning is carried out on dry surfaces, it is recommended to use two brushes for the creation and correction of the composition).
  3. «Layer-by-layer glazing» (thick acrylic is applied in a thick layer on top which creates the composition).
  4. «Impasto» (diluted acrylic is not necessary, technique is like painting with butter).

How acrylic paint dries

The drying process of acrylic is no different duration. Each layer can be applied a few minutes after the previous one. The caveat is due to the rapid evaporation of water. This factor is considered to be simultaneous advantage and disadvantage of colors. Brush in the drawing process is necessary to keep in the liquid. If the fibers a dye dries, the texture pattern will be broken.

The final drying of the acrylic:

  • 15 minutes, if your picture is in thin layers;
  • 1 day, if the base has a few thick layers of acrylic colors to paint.

What to do if acrylic paint is still wet

After working with acrylic, tubes or cans must be carefully covered with lids. If the dyes have dried, return them to consistency with a special solvent. This remedy advised to buy in store or order together with the acrylic. To exclude fast drying figure, experts advise to periodically spray the base with water.

What kind of brushes to choose

Buying the main drawing tool, it is necessary to consider the technique works. If acrylic is used in diluted form, the brush must be synthetic, sable, a column or ox-hair. To create the fill of the main surface easier to squirrel pile. For dense mixtures are suitable stiff brush (bristle, palette knife, sable). It is recommended to place the tools in water. Dry brush facilitates quick drying of the acrylic on the pile.

Video: how to paint with acrylic paints

There are several techniques to create artistic compositions. The nuances depend on the surface on which the design is imprinted. The video tutorials clearly demonstrate how to draw a beautiful flower, to study painting with acrylics and to master the skill of creating vivid patterns on wooden objects. In a special video, you can see the gradual instruction how to learn how to create drawings on the nails. The photographs will help to develop the schematic drawing, if the acrylic were interested in the child.

How to paint flowers acrylic


Painted nails

Painting with acrylics


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