How to think thin and not to break: the advice of psychologists

How in the world women who promise to start to lose weight every Monday? Many of the ladies took the stage in his life. It makes them try a lot of ways to think thin and not get bogged down with diet. Often all actions are in vain, because to resist the temptation to eat candy and not get bogged down with diet requires iron willpower.

The motivation to lose weight

Why can’t I lose weight and constantly frustrated – the question that sooner or later, given any girl. One desires to lose weight little. A correct psychological approach – motivation to lose weight. It is effective for people with a weak character, because the right incentive is a component of successful dieting. First you need to identify a good reason for losing weight, for example, health problems or dissatisfaction with their appearance.

As a goal is not recommended to put fast weight loss. The diet should be the benchmark for a healthy and happy life. Here are some motivational facts that will help you in losing weight and achieving his slim waist:

  1. After diet to wear fashionable clothes a size or more smaller.
  2. Again wear a favorite dress or jeans.
  3. To attract the attention of the opposite sex.
  4. To show off a chic thinner pressure on the beach.
  5. Without shortness of breath to climb stairs.
  6. To have good physical and psychological health.
  7. Hang your beautiful photo after losing weight at home.

Mental attitude for weight loss

Difficult in any business is only the first step. Mental attitude before the diet is a major factor in the question of how to start losing weight. Here are a few tips to help prepare for weight loss:

  1. Try to sort out their problems, so that nothing depressed during weight loss.
  2. Have a real aim. Losing weight for the New year or stay irrational idea. Adherence must become a way of life.
  3. To help yourself keep a diary or a personal plan.
  4. Don’t give up ever. Even if something does not work. Just lower the bar a bit. Add in a small goal.
  5. Allow yourself small portions of your favorite treats, for example, once a week.
  6. Enlist the support of relatives.
  7. View on the Internet pictures of people before and after weight loss.
  8. Losing weight for yourself, not for someone else.

How to go on a diet

How to force yourself to not eat unhealthy calories, but this favorite food is no less complex stage in the achievement of results. Here are some tips how to start eating:

  1. Avoid dramatic dietary restriction is a great stress for the body. Try to reduce the portions. So you will not break, and the stomach will begin to shrink.
  2. Do not fill the belly in 5 minutes, because the feeling of satiety comes at least half an hour after starting the meal.
  3. Gradually decrease the amount of simple carbohydrates, substituting chocolate for fruit.
  4. Arrange for unloading of the stomach, you will eat only cucumbers, apples or other light products.
  5. The last meal must be light and not late, for 3-4 hours before bedtime.
  6. Gradually introduce routine physical exercises for different parts of the body. Or sign up for a health club where you can have a special program.
  7. On various drugs and drugs for weight loss consult your doctor.

As not to break during the diet

The main enemy of losing weight is breakdown. The temptation to lash out at your favorite sweetness not shy away from any dieters. Added to overeating remorse and disappointment in their own abilities. Not to break, it is necessary to observe several conditions:

  1. The motivation should be strong. You should know what lose weight. Be creative – make a collage of pictures of slender models, so that goal was always in sight.
  2. How to start eating right? Store on refrigerator shelves of harmful products and go to the store and fed to a pre-established list for the menu for each day. Then the probability to buy something sweet and falling off the diet decreases.
  3. Take yourself to a favorite activity, to scramble for food out of boredom.
  4. Tell us about your intentions to lose weight someone from the family or friends that they have witnessed as you follow the rules of weight loss. Can even bet something causes carefully monitor diet.
  5. No more daily weighing. If you still eat something delicious – clean teeth, to taste the Goodies not stirred the appetite.
  6. Do not enter any bans. Adjust yourself that you have a choice, you just solve the problem of how to lose weight, so choose healthy foods and only occasionally so as not to break the diet, favorite treats.

Healing spirit Sytina on a slim figure

Method special mood to diet and weight loss designed by George Satiny. Verbal-figurative emotional impact only encourages people to follow a diet to lose weight at home. Method, how to think thin and not to break, teaches people to work out the brake lights in the meals. Attitude Sytina absorbed by several methods:

The psychologist how-to videos: how to make yourself lose weight

How to think thin and not to break? The problem of fat people is overeating, which often has psychological causes. Loneliness, self-doubt, lack of life in vigorous activity makes you look for something that will fill the emptiness inside. They find it in food, harmful to health. Often it sweet foods that briefly give a sense of happiness, but then what?

Therefore, the loss depends not only on physiology but also on the psychological state of the person. To start to diet and lose weight, you must be mentally prepared to have a strong will and support of loved ones. Not everyone is able to see himself in psychological problems, so when losing weight it is better to heed the advice of experts. Looking at the video, you will learn lots of useful information about the psychological aspects of dieting.

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