Fibro-fatty involution of the breast: what is it and how to treat it

The female body is a complex system that must operate like clockwork. Any deviation should be noted and treated on time. So after learning your diagnosis – fibro-fatty involution of the breast ladies start to panic. What it is, what are the symptoms of a mysterious disease and how to treat it? To understand the vital issue will help this review.

What is the involution of mammary glands

A complex process, in which glandular elements gradually transformed from other types of tissues (fibrous or fatty) is an involution of the mammary glands. It’s not a disease, therefore much should not worry. Change occurs as a result of aging. The female body loses reproductive function, so the body for feeding the child.

If you worried about fibrotic changes of the mammary glands, it is easy to understand. The breast is reduced in size, and iron is divided into small shares, which surrounds the layer of fat and connective tissue. Sometimes there may be abdominal benign neoplasms, which are perfectly felt during self examination. Signs of involution are common in young mothers who long fed babies feeding.

Fibrous tissue that it is? Often wrongly confused with cancer. Don’t worry – this connective substance, which has a protective function of the organism. The female breast consists of glands that with age gradually being replaced by auxiliary components. Breach of fibrous tissue – loss of elasticity of the fibers of the body and sagging of the skin, muscles, which are typical with aging.

Causes of

Involutive changes of the mammary glands due to hormonal changes in a woman’s body. This happens after childbirth or in old age. If the transformation seen in nulliparous ladies, it is necessary to conduct tests to rule out the emergence of endocrine pathologies. Upon detection of turning, the doctor prescribes therapy.

As the mammary glands judge the health status of women. Normal hormonal background it is stated the proper development of the chest. Any violation began replacing the fabric on adipose or connective. Often, nulliparous ladies 50 years excellent performance of the mammary glands. Age-related stages of development:

  • childbearing – from the beginning of reproductive age up to 45 years;
  • menopause is from 45 to 55 years;
  • elderly over 55 years.

For a forty year old woman changes are the norm, but if the signs are found in young ladies, who did not give birth, then you should consult a specialist. It can be complications after an illness or hormone imbalance. The physician must determine what the cause of involution and how to deal with it. When the early signs you need to consult a specialist.

The main signs and symptoms

As such, the symptoms of this process are lacking. Sometimes the patient complain of slight pain in the breast when pressed, which is wrongly attributed to degenerative disc disease of the spine. At independent inspection of the glands are detected by the lack of elasticity and sagging skin. To confirm or refute the diagnosis is only possible with a hardware survey. In the x-ray one can see all the changes.

Methods of diagnosis

Among the main methods of diagnostics of fibrous-fatty involution of the breast using ultrasound and mammography. The doctor is obliged to carry out palpation and breast exam. He is interested in the menstrual cycle (time, symptoms) and the presence of pregnancies, abortions. Can send the woman on computed tomography, thermography subsidiary, to analyze blood for the presence of certain hormones.

Treatment of fibro-adipose involution of mammary glands

Age-related abnormalities in the mammary glands do not need treatment. But do not forget about self-examination of the breast, visit breast physician. Young women have therapy after all surveys for the presence of endocrine or oncological pathologies. Assign:

  • substitution therapy to stabilize your hormones;
  • analgesic the drug (painful symptoms).

Prevention of the disease

To involutional changes took place later, you need to prevent them in advance. So lead an active lifestyle, exercise, or a trivial warm-up – do not sit still. Often breathe in clean air in the woods or Park. Avoid stress and emotions: they are not the best assistants for women’s health. Do not forget about proper rest – get enough sleep, learn to relax.

Review your diet: healthy food without chemicals and extra fats, low alcohol, fresh fruit. Do not buy food in the fast food, semi – finished products- better prepare yourself. Then you will be confident in the quality of the components. Do not forget to regularly undergo examination by a mammologist and gynecologist. Any changes that are discovered early, localized more quickly.

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