Fungal infections of the scalp, feet, hands and nails: symptoms and treatment

Mycoses represent a group of diseases arising from fungus. It may be the fungi dermatophytes, molds, yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida. They can cause numerous skin diseases. The source of contamination is people, animal and the environment in General. Fungal diseases of the skin entail serious consequences. The treatment process is long and complicated.

Types of fungal skin diseases

Each variety of fungal diseases depending on the location of the lesion of the skin is divided into several separate species. The danger of each is not only to discomfort, but also in the degree of negative impact on the body. Some species are able to exert a toxic effect on the tissues and internal organs. Yeast fungi become pathogens the most common female disorders – thrush.

On the body

Fungal skin infections on the body are always different pronounced symptoms. The rarest variety is the systemic mycosis. The disease affects not only smooth the skin but also penetrates into the internal organs. More common are keratomycosis, dermatomycosis and candidiasis. Different disease depth of penetration of the microbe, the scale of destruction and symptoms.

On the face

The most common fungal diseases of a person are:

  • keratomycosis (trichosperma, pityriasis versicolor);
  • dermatomycosis (trichophytosis, athlete’s, microsporia, favus);
  • pyoderma (Golikova rashes, including acne, furunculosis, impetigo, hydradenitis);
  • exanthema (viral and fungal diseases, including herpes and HPV).

On the scalp

Fungus of the scalp often goes unnoticed. For example, dandruff belongs to the category of fungal diseases. Not always people are hurrying to get rid of it, counting its occurrence, seasonal response of the body, the result of using wrong shampoos or other consequences of environmental factors. The causative agent of dandruff is not only pathogenic microbe, but a number of serious diseases associated with the skin and the organism as a whole. The most common fungus of the scalp are:

  • dermatophytosis;
  • microspores;
  • favus.

Symptoms of skin fungus

Varieties of fungal diseases are immense. Certain symptoms indicate a specific disease, but most of the signs are common. In identifying several of them, you need to consult a specialist and undergo a special examination. Choosing than to treat a fungus on the skin, it is necessary to be guided by many factors. The main symptoms of the fungus:

  • redness;
  • peeling;
  • itching.

The fungus on the scalp accompanied by the appearance of «crusts», of hair loss and dandruff. If fungal infection affects the nails, it begins the development of the disease with the seal of the nail plate, yellow spots, delamination and deformation. On the genitals or the mucous membranes the disease is accompanied by a curd-like coating.

Treatment of skin fungus

Before assigning the type of therapy of fungal diseases must be conducted specialized examination of the patient. The doctor examines the condition of the skin, mucous membranes. Appoint scraping, x-rays or ultrasound, if the fungus affects the internal organs. The complex treatment includes not only antifungal agent for leather, and a special diet.

Elementary hygiene attention to his own body – the best prevention of fungal diseases of the skin:

  1. You should not wear someone else’s shoes or clothes, use General hygiene.
  2. No need to be in contact with someone who has signs of impurity or irritation on the skin.
  3. Wash hands as often as possible is necessary, especially after visiting public places.
  4. Your own body should be inspected regularly. This is especially true of the groin, feet, hands, head and face.


Antifungal medicines are assigned only in cases of emergency or the detection of chronic form of the disease. Most fungal infections are treated by creams, lotions or patches. Among the most effective tablet drugs include Nystatin, fluconazole, and We, Levorin. Taking any of the medications must only be prescribed by a physician and in accordance with the recommendations in the instructions.

Antifungal ointment

Some fungal diseases are developing without physical discomfort. Mild forms of fungi helps to cure antifungal cream for skin. The presence of complications, doctors prescribe additional measures – antibiotics. Erythromycin and salicylic ointment are considered the most effective means of preserving his popularity in the treatment of fungal infections for many decades. Modern experts recommend the use of Clotrimazole, Dekamin, Mikozolon, Tsinkundan.


The most common fungal disease is considered as seborrhea. Effective way of treatment are hair. Use of funds is recommended at any stage of development of the fungus. Specialists prescribed the anti-fungal shampoo Sebozol, Nizoral, Zinovich, Parkhotel. The average rate of application is 2 weeks. Use them be for some time after the disappearance of symptoms, to strengthen the result.

Looks like fungus on the skin

Fungal infections appear as red, scaly areas that occur in the form of ulcers and cause delaminating nail plates. Each kind of disease has its own idiosyncrasies, the consequences and imply certain courses of treatment. Sometimes a fungus on the skin tradedirection not immediately seen by patients. However, severe symptoms are easily identified on the pictures.

Fungus of the skin

Infection on the hands is shown with the area between fingers or from lesions of the nails. In the first embodiment appear redness and peeling. The fungal diseases of nail plates the disease is accompanied by itching, peeling skin and cuticles. Nail shape changes and surface cracks, dark spots, white or yellow.


The first sign of fungus of the scalp is dandruff. The symptom becomes more pronounced if accompanied by itching and the formation of abundant desquamation. Severe fungal infections appear as ulcers, around which hair is completely lost. The most common illness with bright symptoms are all varieties of lichen.


On the feet fungus affects the area between the toes, foot and toenails. On the skin blisters, redness, peeling. Itching is not considered a mandatory symptom of the disease. If you experience bubbles discomfort is felt only in the moment when they burst. Any irritation on the feet are considered the deviation. Most of them become symptoms of fungus.

Video: a fungal infection of the skin

The symptoms of fungus are seen in the first stage of their development. To self-medicate is dangerous, especially when it comes to the child. Some fungal diseases are the consequences or symptoms of serious internal diseases. Treatment must be complex and under the supervision of a doctor. About the nuances of fungal infections of the skin clearly says video.

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