How to use tampons for the first time correctly and whether the virgins

Before menstruation brought many problems to the women. Later with the invention of special hygiene products such as pads and tampons, «critical days» are more comfortable. However, if the first everything is simple, the use of tampons often have questions. To avoid unpleasant consequences and the development of serious illnesses like cervical erosion, should know how to use tampons. With proper use of the hygiene product is absolutely safe for health.

What is a tampon

This is a small «bundle» of compressed cotton and viscose, which perfectly absorbs blood during menstruation. The tampon is within the vagina, making the selection does not flow out. They will detain spongy texture of the material. Harmful tampons? Many girls are afraid to use them because they believe that such remedies interfere with the normal output of blood. However, studies of well-known brands (Kotex, Tampax, Ob, etc) prove otherwise. When the cylinder is fully soaked with the secretions, the moisture begins to flow through it.

Another common myth about the dangers of tampons is the belief about the danger that they pose to the flora of the vagina. Some believe that the daily use of such hygiene products is fraught with toxic shock and the development of cervical erosion. The probability of such scenario is extremely low. Studies show that the occurrence of pathologies is possible if correctly to pick up and enter a tampon. As a result, you may experience micro-cracks of the mucous organ, which opens the way to harmful bacteria.

How to choose hygiene means

Gynecologists agree, that to give preference to the better known brands of tampons, avoiding the «miracle» of Chinese funds. Besides, their price is not too high compared to goods of unknown origin. Packaging quality product includes a detailed description and information about certification. Given the degree of utility and low probability of harm tampons, modern girls can feel free to use them. With proper selection and operation hygiene will become a convenient and indispensable during menstruation.

The size of tampons

Like pads, tampons vary in size. They indicate, depending on how much discharge they are designed. The level of absorption is indicated on the packaging the number of droplets. The smallest size have the funds for 1-2 drops. They can use even a teenage girl or a girl with scant menstruation. Cotton drops from cylinders 3 and more – this is the best option for women in whom the blood is excreted in large quantities. Some brands, for example, the Obi, refer to volume absorption:

  • Mini (recommended for girls with scant secretions);
  • Normal (suitable for girls with minor/moderate secretions);
  • Super (used a heavy period);
  • Super plus (the best option when a very copious discharge of blood).

Many women do not use always the same, and acquire several types of swabs, using the means with the appropriate level of protection in different periods of menstruation. For example, if the first periods characterized by profuse discharge, they use tampons for 3-4 drops. After when blood is not so much that girls are switching to funds with a lesser degree of absorbency (1-2 drops or Mini).

How to insert a tampon: instructions for use

The question of interest to many young girls who have recently faced the necessity of their use. No health problems will not occur when properly applied with a cotton cylinder. Menstruation is a natural process and every woman should decide what hygienic means she is better suited. Below are tips how to use a tampon.

With applicator

  1. The first thing you need to wash with hand soap. After you choose a convenient position to enter the applicator into the vagina. Different girls on his own decide about tampons how to insert them. Some squat, others put one leg on a small hill.
  2. How to put in a tampon to keep discomfort to a minimum? To do this, try to relax your stomach. Take the applicator with two fingers at the place where the wide part starts to narrow. Gently push the free end of the tampon into the vagina.
  3. How deep to insert? Enter to the moment when the fingers holding the cylinder does not touch the perineum. After you push the index finger to free the narrow edge of the applicator, pushing the tampon fully inside the wide part. It is already in the vagina. You put the cleaning product at the correct depth and will reduce the risk of loss to a minimum.
  4. The final stage – removing the applicator. Rope, which has remained outside, will help to pull out the tampon to be replaced with a new one.

Without applicator

  1. Before you use a tampon, should be carefully wash hands. If possible wash yourself on the before the procedure.
  2. Unpack one swab (to open cotex, roll the ends of the film in different directions, Tampax and Ob opens in the usual way). Take it with two fingers, freeing the thread.
  3. How to put it? Free hand to gently spread open your labia and enter a tampon into the vagina, pushing his index finger. Sufficient depth is the length of the finger.
  4. If the impression cylinder is stuck, try changing your body position and the angle of insertion. Try to move up and slightly to the side of the spine. The procedure should not cause pain, so do not be too zealous and pushing. Each organism is individual, experiment to find the most suitable method of administration.

How to extract

  1. Unchanged a preliminary stage is washing hands with soap and water.
  2. Take a comfortable position sitting on the toilet or kneeling on your heels, relax your pelvis.
  3. Pull the swab is with the strings. To do this, pull it down and forward a bit.
  4. When the cylinder is fully released from the vagina, wrap it in toilet paper or prepared the package and discard in the trash (if you rinse off the item down the toilet, this can lead to blockage of sewer pipes).
  5. It happens that the tampon with the string goes deep inside. In such situations, is to sit on the toilet and try to push as during defecation. Usually, the item is your own. If a method does not work, contact your gynecologist who will help to painlessly remove hygienic means.

Video: how to use tampons for the first time

Many girls of a young age who have never used a tampon, worried that the tool might damage the hymen. As a consequence, the question arises: can girls use tampons? If you know how to use them properly, no problems. Hygiene product allows you to run, swim in the sea or relax in the pool during menstruation, why not do it by wearing pads. Reviews suggest that 90% of girls prefer to apply comfortable and invisible under clothing to tampons. Learn how to use a tampon for the first time, from the video below.

Contraindications to the use of

  1. After the baby is born by cesarean section.
  2. The special structure of the hymen (this question should determine with the gynecologist).
  3. Women patients during treatment for vaginal infections and with the introduction of any vaginal preparations.
  4. If you use tampons there is a feeling of dryness of the vagina, it is likely to damage the mucous membranes of the body, hence they should refuse.
  5. Prohibited use when adnexitis, vulvovaginitis, adenomyosis, other diseases of the female genital organs.

Answers to frequently asked questions

How old to use tampons?

For most girls the first menstruation occurs between the ages of 11 to 14 years. During this period the opening of the vagina has a diameter equal to 1.5-2 cm, and the maximum size of a tampon is 1.5 cm, Therefore, hygienic product can be used by girls without damage to health. However, at first it is better to use small sizes – «mini» or «standard» (1-3 drops). To facilitate the entry process of the tampon inside, you should use tools with applicators.

Can virgins use tampons?

The product is suitable even for those girls who have not started sexual life. Tampons for girls it is better to choose small size (maximum 3 drops). They are not dangerous to the hymen, if to use carefully. Use Tampax, Ob cotex or allowed from the first day of menstruation. The main thing – to observe rules of application and to choose the means of suitable size.

How to go to the toilet with a tampon?

Many inexperienced girls are wondering whether you can go to the toilet with a tampon. It is not necessary to change sanitary protection at new with every trip to the ladies room. The tampon is in the vagina, which has no relation to the cleansing process of the bowels or urination. If you have changed your vehicle recently, there is no reason to replace it again.

How often should I change?

Check the need to change the tampon may gently pulling the rope. If it comes out easily – it is time to change. To leave the facility is allowed if the cylinder with a light stretching is not amenable. As each day of menstruation is the discharge volume, adjust the time to change tampons. If you have no use of sanitary means less than 4 hours, you feel the need to replace, can find tampons more absorbent.

Perfect, though not the most economical option is to change the cotton cylinders every 3-4 hours, even at low discharge. Doctors do not recommend to use a tampon at night because his presence in the vagina for longer than 6 hours is unacceptable. The optimal solution at bedtime to wear long lining which protects from leaks when lying down, and in the morning to replace it with a comfortable cotton cylinder. It is important to understand how to wear underwear in those days: if you are not using an optional daily strip, it is better not to wear bright pants, skirt.

Voteprime: how to insert a tampon

Why do you need tampons, if there is a gasket? The main advantage of the first is complete freedom of action and ease during use. Even the thin pads give a certain discomfort and restrict movement. Despite the popularity of tampons, some women have not had to use them. Girls don’t always know how to enter a cotton cylinder to avoid unpleasant and painful sensations. Below is an illustrative diagram of how to properly use tampons.

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