How to care for the tattoo properly during the first days after application

Many argue that 50 % of the quality of the tattoo you have on professionalism of the master. The other half depends on the procedures that should be carried out after application of the ink. In the cabin will tell you how to care for the tattoo properly, so that it would lie well, to look good. Adhering to certain rules, you can easily survive the healing process of the skin’s surface, your first tattoo will delight for a long time.

Stages of tattoo healing

The tattooing is accompanied by damage to the skin, which must be carefully and properly heal. To do this properly, you need to know what happens to the skin after injection of the dye. Masters noted several stages tattoo healing:

  1. On the first day in the Studio, releasing the line film the wizard shook the surface, you will see that this place was swollen and there was mucus mixed with paint. Many people panic, thinking that the ink showing through to the outside and the tattoo washed off. Do not be afraid – this is normal when the skin damage is allocated a small amount of ichor. So the lymphatic system starts the process of cleansing and healing skin.
  2. On the second day of the tattoo already there are no traces of ichor, which suggests that the skin to take ink and getting used to a foreign substance. At this stage there is a feeling of dryness and tightness.
  3. On the third day after application of the ink, the customer notices that it formed a crust. This place begins to itch, which in any case can not do. To relieve discomfort, you NEED to Pat the hand on this site.

How many heals

The response of the skin at the tattoo occurs in all people in different ways, is individual. The rate of healing of damaged skin depends on several factors:

  1. Place of tattooing plays an important role in the wound healing process. Chest, abdomen, buttocks quickly revived, it happens from 4 to 7 days. Areas where little or no fat, such as ankles, back, neck, hand coming back to normal longer – from 7 to 14 days.
  2. The healing of a tattoo depends on the size of the picture. What a large area it occupies, the longer will be the recovery process of the skin. Note that very large images sometimes are applied in several stages. Complete healing of the volume of tattoos is happening in one month.
  3. The thickness of the lines affects the rate of healing tattoos: they are thinner, the faster you will recover skin. Bold outlines contain a large amount of paint, so the wound healing may take 7 to 14 days.

Proper care of the tattoo

Before going to the tattoo Studio need to carefully prepare and to follow some rules:

  1. Masters advise before you fill the picture with a laser, make a temporary tattoo with henna. This will help you to avoid mistakes in the location and selection of the image.
  2. On the eve and on the day of tattooing eliminate the use of alcohol, so that during the impaling happened massive hemorrhage.
  3. Before going to the master is well fortified, because the process of tattooing is delayed from several hours to a whole day. During this period you should sit still in one position.
  4. Good sleep and a positive attitude are the guarantee of high quality tattoo!

After impaling the wizard, without fail, tell me how to properly care for the tattoo. The figure remained for a long time, the pigment remained bright, you need to keep the skin clean and to follow these terms:

  1. Avoid direct sunlight to the place where there is tattoo.
  2. During sun exposure you must use a special sunblock so that the pigment does not fade.
  3. The tattooed location is exposed to dryness, so it is necessary to constantly moisturize with a cream or body milk.

In the early days

The figure lay under the skin, and pigment loss was not more than 10 %, you have to know how to properly care for a tattoo:

  1. After applying the tattoo, in the evening it is necessary to remove the protective plastic wrap and take a warm shower with antibacterial soap. This is not to take a hot bath and use a washcloth.
  2. After taking a shower you need to handle special tattoo ointment. This should be done at least four times a day.
  3. In the early days it is impossible to engage in active physical activity, which are accompanied by sweating. Should refrain from visiting the gym.
  4. Never scratch the tattoo and to remove unstable areas of the skin, because removing the crust sometimes causes the discharge of pigment.
  5. In the first week it is not recommended to go to the sauna, not to load the skin by sweating.

Ointment for healing

Immediately after patterning, the master must handle the skin anti-inflammatory ointment. This procedure must be done at home: apply the product on the tattooed skin several times a day thin layer. The most effective ointment for healing the damaged areas:

  • ointment «Bepanten» — a means no 1 to care for the tattoo. Perfectly moisturizes and heals the skin without causing allergies and side effects. This tool must be applied to the tattoo several times a day as they absorb.
  • burns spray «Panthenol» is good because it does not need to smear on the skin, thereby causing yourself discomfort. It conveniently sprayed on the body. After applying this tool, the skin heals quickly, are dryness and itching. It is recommended to use up to 4 times a day.
  • If you suffer from itching, make a compress of antiseptic solution «Sinaflana».

What if the tattoo does not heal

In rare cases, the tattoo becomes inflamed and the skin a long time comes back to normal. This is due to improper care or individual characteristics of the organism. In such cases, use the recommendations of specialists:

  1. Cotton wet in the solution «Chlorhexidine» and gently cleanse the figure. Antiseptic action helps to relieve inflammation and heal the skin quickly.
  2. After processing «Chlorhexidine» apply a thin coat of anti-inflammatory ointment «traumel». To use this medium allowed 2 times a day.
  3. Most of the time try the house of clothing, to the tattooed areas was breathing. Constant contact with the cloth traumatize the skin and prevents rapid healing.
  4. In the cold season it is recommended to apply the ointment on the tattoo before and after sleep.

Video how to care for a tattoo after the application

If you decide to decorate your body figure, be sure to read the rules of care of a fresh tattoo. This will help the first video where the man talks about his secrets and discoveries in rapid healing of the skin. In the second video show professional masters, than to smear the tattoo to the body quickly recovered. You will receive valuable information on effective means. Learn how to use the ointment after tattoo to avoid any inflammations.


Than to smear

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