How to install Flash Player for Android

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One of the frequent problems faced by users of Android — install flash player, allowing to play flash on different websites. Question about where to download and how to install Flash Player became urgent after the Android had disappeared in support of the technology — now to find a Flash plugin for the operating system on the Adobe website does not work, as well as in Google Play store, but methods install it yet available.

In this manual (updated in 2016) — details on how to download and install Flash Player on Android 5, 6 or Android 4.4.4 and get it to work when playing flash videos or games, as well as some nuances in the installation and performance of plug-in on recent versions of Android. Cm. also: doesn’t show video on Android.

Install Flash Player for Android and activate the plugin in your browser

The first method allows you to install Flash on Android 4.4.4, 5, and Android 6, using only official sources apk and is probably the most simple and workable.

The first step is to download the Flash Player apk latest version for Android from the official Adobe website. To do this, go to the archived versions of the plugin and then in the list, find the Flash Player for Android 4 and download the top copy apk (version 11.1) from the list.

Before installation should also be included in device settings under «Security» option to install applications from unknown sources (not from Play Store).

The downloaded file should install without any problems, in the list of Android applications, which brings up the point, however, work will not be required browser that supports Flash plug-in.

From modern and advanced updated browser is Dolphin Browser, install it from the Play Market from the official page — Dolphin Browser

After installing the browser, go to its settings and check two items:

  • Must be Dolphin Jetpack is enabled in the standard settings.
  • In the section «Web content» click on the item «Flash Player» and set the value to «Always on».
  • You can then try to access any page to test Flash on Android, I have 6 Android (Nexus 5) all have worked successfully.

    Also using Dolphin you will be able to access and change the settings of Flash for Android (caused by starting an application on phone or tablet).

    Note: according to some reviews, the Flash apk from Adobe official website may not work on some devices. In this case, you can try to load the modified Flash plugin with the website in the section Apps (APK) and install it, deleting the original plugin from Adobe. The remaining steps are the same.

    The use of Photon Flash Player and Browser

    One of the frequent recommendations that can be found for playing Flash on Android last version — use browser Photon Flash Player and Browser. In this case, the reviews say that someone works.

    In my test, this option didn’t work and the content with this browser play did not, however, can try to download this version of Flash Player from the official page on Google Play Photon Flash Player and Browser

    Quick and easy way to install Flash Player

    Update: unfortunately, this method no longer works, see additional solutions in the next section.

    Generally, in order to install Adobe Flash Player on Android:

    • To find where to download appropriate for Your processor and OS version
    • Set
    • To perform some configuration tasks

    By the way, it should be noted that the above method is associated with certain risks: ever since Adobe Flash Player was removed from Google, many sites under his form of hiding various types of viruses and malware which can send premium SMS from the device or do something else not very pleasant. Generally, for the novice user Android I recommend to use the site to search the desired program and not search engines, in the latter case, You can easily come across something with not very pleasant consequences.

    However, right at the time of this writing stumbled upon just posted on Google Play a app that allows you to partially automate this process (and, apparently, the application appeared only today — here is a coincidence). Download the Flash Player Install You can link (link no longer works, below is the information where to download Flash)

    After installation, start Flash Player Install, the app will automatically detect what version of Flash Player required for Your device and will download and install it. After installing the app You will be able to view and Flash video in FLV format in your browser to play the flash games and use other features that require Adobe Flash Player.

    For the application, You will need to enable the use of unknown sources in the settings Android phone or tablet is required not so much for the program itself, how to install Flash Player, because, of course, it is downloaded not from Google Play, it is absent there.

    In addition, the author of the application notes the following points:

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    • Best Flash Player works with Firefox for Android that can be download in the official store
    • When using the default browser, you should first remove all temporary files and cookies after installing flash, go into your browser settings and enable it.

    Where to download APK Adobe Flash Player for Android Given that the above option fails, give links to verified APK flash for Android 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 ICS, which is suitable for Android 5 and 6.

    • from the Adobe website in the archive versions of Flash (described in the first part of the instructions).
    • (in APK)

    Below is a listing of some of the problems relate to Flash Player for Android and how to address them.

    After upgrading to Android 4.1 or 4.2 Flash Player stopped working

    In this case, before performing the installation described above, you must uninstall the existing Flash Player and then install.

    Installed flash player, but videos and other flash content is still not shown

    Make sure that in Your browser JavaScript is enabled and plug-ins. To check whether You have installed flash player and does it work You can on a special page If you open this address with Android You will see the version of Flash Player, it is installed on the device and works. If instead, the icon will be displayed, informing you that you need to download flash player, then something went wrong.

    I hope this method will help You to achieve the playback of Flash content on the device.

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